Blue Story

Crime / Drama / Romance

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April 25, 2020



Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Switcher
Richie Campbell as African Troublesome Trucks
Sean Sagar as Skitzer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 7 / 10 / 10

Rapman's raps helped me understand what the illegible dialogue couldn't

What do you get when you mix a strong London accent with a Jamaican accent? "Oi lad, errteeng be iree mun bloke" I maybe could decipher 50% of the dialogue, but then again most of the dialogue wasn't exactly pertinent. Rapman's raps helped me understand what the illegible dialogue couldn't. This is Rapman's first full length feature film as writer, director and producer, and for a UK flick, it was well written and realistically portrayed the gangsta dynamics in London's projects. The screenplay could've been a little tighter with better editing, but for a newb filmmaker, this B-grade film with C-list actors delivered. Had the dialogue been more understandable, I would've rated it higher.

Reviewed by d_alexandra-94990 4 / 10 / 10

Badly executed

The story felt real and it is not bad however it is so badly executed and the awkward rap is the worst idea ever.

Reviewed by Li_85 4 / 10 / 10

Good try BUT Poor. Too many Dumb Characters

This film dumbs the black community of South London. Hardly any characters you can relate to apart from the girl. i grew up in a london council estate around kilburn/ladbroke grove. ive seen gang fights, i was sensible and stayed away, but i get the culture and i love ghetto or gangster films. From Scarface, Goodfellas to boyz n the hood, juice. Even The Football Factory, Green st Hooligans to Adulthood. Topboy was Brilliant and reminded me of real london life. Some of these film, based on real situations although glamorize violence have a good morale and should be entertaining. Coming back to Blue story. This is where Rapman fails. He obviously tries to explain how a youth can get involved in a postcode gang. BUT Still no depth to the characters on why they choose to join. i.e. the conclusion is that they are all brainwashed As a audience I coudnt relate and understand the need to join and fight for your postcode. i dont blame the actors, its the script. also Rapman fails in the end. The film should have a emotional good morale to show that it is wrong and stupid to do so and offer or educate solution to it. i.e. police support, the consequence, prison, getting abused in prison, but no... what i learnt from this film (i.e. knife crime)... 1. The parents are a disgrace to society, the mother in this film has no clue what her son is doing and when police comes, she abuses the police for arresting her son, a murderer. Again making the black community appear dumb. blaming everyone but themself. 2. The youth are just plain thick, one scene they appear smart and sensible, in another they quickly and easily join a gang and are now stupid. again making the south london community appear dumb. To be fair, Rapman tried. BUT it is a below average film.

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