Blue Valentine

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April 15, 2019


Ben Shenkman as Lenny Meyer
Michelle Williams as Anne Weying
Mike Vogel as Nick Smith
Ryan Gosling as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by singh-parnit 10 / 10 / 10

as real as the real life gets

THE MOST HEARTBREAK I have ever felt while watching a movie, and I wasn't even in a relationship when i watched it... 8 years hence and my eyes still tear up just listening to that short song Gosling sings to her.. more than the falling in love part (also showed in a very real way), what takes the cake so to say is how the struggles between the couple and their ego, desperation, or simply the years taking their toll on them has been shown in the most raw uncensored way... the best grown up romantic movie ever. Doesn't matter if you're watching the happy or sad part of the movie, keep them tissues ready. A Must Watch!!

Reviewed by run_out 8 / 10 / 10

Love is an ideal thing, marriage is a real thing.

I strongly recommend this movie especially to whom always believe to find their true love. There is nothing like that. In this film, this couple is really good match and have a love marriage. But after a while they can't endure each other. It's also just 5or 6 years. Don't you think that it is quite short time to hate each other for lovers? Of course, there are great metaphors and this depressing story is worth to watch. It is quite deep. Highly recommend to lonely cowboys! :)

Reviewed by wogsurfer 8 / 10 / 10

Heartaches a-plenty

I probably haven't watched as many, or as varied films as you would expect for someone who says they are a film lover, but I was never about quantity, instead for me it was always about quality. Its also about the lasting impression a film makes on me, whether by completely blowing my mind, by using certain motifs like music, and scenery, or by making me feel something on a deep emotional level. Today Blue Valentine really hit me in the feels, and not the good kind either. This film's tagline is 'A love story', and I feel this could not be further from the truth. This film is so anti-romantic, that the most romantic moment in this film was when a decision about an impromptu hotel stay was being discussed, and hastily planned. The spontaneity by the frustrated male protagonist in a desperate attempt to rekindle a small spark that started the relationship. Blue Valentine is told in two cross-cut linear story lines, and stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as middle-class married couple Dean and Cindy Pereira who are hopelessly trying to make a happy home for their adorable little daughter Frankie. The story lines tell the evolution of their relationship from an awkward first meeting, and fateful chance second encounter, through to a courtship of bad decisions, and a marriage of convenience mostly to fit in with conventionality, then living in rural Pennsylvania. While not much is known about Dean, other than he is from Florida and new to NYC, and an affable yet somewhat unfocused kind of gent. We do get a fair bit of insight in to Cindy's home life in the boroughs of New York, and the ineffectual role models for parents who share a fairly loveless existence. I said this film is anti-romantic, and is so evident throughout the film. The sex scenes are devoid of emotion or intimacy, and is purely based on the physical needs of those involved, and the only love shown to anyone, is to their daughter who seems to be the only happy individual in this film of emotional bleakness. Its been about 8 hours since I watched this film, and I still feel sad about it. I have put much effort into watching indie, or non-major studio films, and for the most part, while having sad, and emotional parts to them, they are often quite uplifting, and leave you with modicum of hope. Blue Valentine does neither, but this does not mean to say that it is a bad film. Quite the opposite, it is a very good film, with excellent performances, expert direction, and writing that achieves exactly what its meant to. Do not go in to this expecting the Notebook, or I dunno, Love Actually. Expect more (500) Days of Summer without the lovelorn male protagonist, or hopeful ending.

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