Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw


Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Lynda Carter as Pauline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bababear 8 / 10 / 10

Holds Up Surprisingly Well

I'd seen this on cable many years ago, and watched it on this afternoon. It's really a good little piece of work. There's nothing new in the story. A bored, restless young woman in a dead end job in a small town hooks up with a smooth talking young man. Before she realizes it she, her friend, and her sister and the sister's boyfriend are all in over their heads because the men are obsessed with the wild west fantasy and see themselves as gunslingers. Everyone is firing real bullets, though, and soon it's not any fun. The work has a ton of antecedents. BONNIE AND CLYDE, obviously. Dozens of Warner Brothers movies from the 1930's and 1940's. Goddard's New Wave film BREATHLESS. And, more than anything else, Jack Kerouac's novel ON THE ROAD. These people spend the bulk of their time in vehicles, rushing toward and/or away from something. Thankfully, the film's producers didn't have the money to build elaborate sets so they filmed in dusty little towns in New Mexico, using actual locations and probably hiring local actors, too. And Lynda Carter. Good Lord, what a beauty. No wonder she was cast to play AVA GARDNER in a filmed biography. Those eyes...and she has nude scenes one, too: now that she's about to turn sixty, I'd love to see her reaction watching this one again. A young lady named Belinda Balanski plays her friend, and she's also a beauty, also a fine young actress, and also topless. She never became a big star but is a favorite of director Joe Dante (THE HOWLING, GREMLINS) so she's worked steadily over the years. Still, she never achieved her potential. Pity. Lots of solid character actors fill out the smaller roles. And, it being the seventies there's some amazing facial hair sported by the male supporting cast. Check this one out. You might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

Reviewed by knockers 8 / 10 / 10

Superhero turned badgirl

Actually, this came out before her stint in the Wonder Woman television show. This movie is actually quite entertaining, especially if you enjoy seeing one of the most beautiful women to grace the planet everywhere in four nude scenes. Lynda Carter simply has one of the greatest, most voluptuous bodies that I have ever seen, and that combined with her stunning eyes and smile makes the movie all the more enjoyable. It is about a good girl who gets mixed up with a bad guy. Marjoe doesn't really want to be a troublemaker, but trouble always seems to follow him. Bobbi Jo gets caught up in all of this, and they eventually are forced to run from the law. Very good action from one of the best racks ever.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 8 / 10 / 10

A highly agreeable exploitation film.

Actress Lynda Carter, a.k.a. TVs' 'Wonder Woman', makes her film debut alongside the legendary Marjoe Gortner in this sleazy and pleasing trash flick. She plays Bobbie Jo Baker, a carhop who hooks up with Gortners' easygoing charmer Lyle Wheeler. She has ambitions of being a country & western singer, he's a self styled loner who idolizes Billy the Kid. Soon after their meeting, they start to get involved in a series of crimes that spiral out of control. Along for the ride are Bobbie Jo's spunky older sister Pearl (Merrie Lynn Ross), her boyfriend Slick Callahan (Jesse Vint), and Bobbie Jo's sweet best friend Essie (Belinda Balaski). Producer / director Mark L. Lester, working from a screenplay by Vernon Zimmerman, keeps the action moving and makes great use of the assorted New Mexico locations. Zimmerman's script has a sometimes episodic nature; for one example, there's an interlude with Lyle, Bobbie Jo, and Essie where they gather in a lake and feast on mushrooms with an aged Indian. It also has an in-joke here and there, such as a portly deputy named Abel Gance. There are enough glimpses of Lyndas' left breast to tantalize the viewer while also making them wish there could have been some real nudity. Still, there is a grim and gritty quality to the movie, a refreshing sense of humour at times, and some scenes of bloody gunshot violence. The principal actors are all extremely easy to watch: Gortners' inherent likability shines through, Carter is lovely as always, Vint is engaging while his character also shows an impulsive and deadly side, Balaski is adorable, and Ross (who takes a co-producer credit) adds irresistible sex appeal. Gene Drew is a typical hick sheriff who's coldly determined to stop our protagonists, Peggy Stewart is Bobbie Jo and Pearl's alcoholic mother, Gerrit Graham has a fun cameo as commune leader Magic Ray, "Devil Times Five" screenwriter John Durren plays the ill-fated Gance, Virgil Frye is a service station attendant who makes the fatal mistake of challenging Lyle on his quick draw abilities, James Gammon plays an amiable leather salesman, and future director Chuck Russell, who's production supervisor and second assistant director here, is one of Drews' deputies. Stanley Wright and Gil Hubbs do the sunny and slick cinematography, Barry De Vorzon composes the score, and there are two very nice songs to hear: Bobby Bare sings "Those City Lights", and Carter herself performs the beautiful "Are You Lonely Like Me" written by J.C. Crowley. All of these elements make "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" fun, as well as the kind of downbeat ending we can often expect in this sort of thing. Eight out of 10.

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