Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana!


Action / Comedy / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rhk79 10 / 10 / 10

Compelling and surprising film about a unique subject

Bodyslam's character development sneaks up on you. At first, I wasn't sure that I liked any of these characters, particularly Ronald McFondle - who says he's shy - but certainly isn't on stage. But the story just draws you in until you see them as real people that you actually care about and understand. This includes the vengeful "Banana" - Paul, who could have very easily been turned into a one-dimensional villain. Instead, I came to see him as someone who as proud to plot his own course in life, even though he doesn't allow anybody to get inside his defenses. Heck, I even found myself cheering for the Washington State legislature. The film's original score compliments the story line. It's an enjoyable, well developed depiction of the people inside of Seattle Semi Pro wrestling/performance scene.

Reviewed by theebanana-76371 / 10

I don't know what to think....

I didn't see it, I was there and sober at the time everything happened, can't be disappointed when you have such limited expectations in the first place. They still do shows people, so get over it. I was surprised at the picture they chose to put up to promote the movie, revenge of which banana exactly..... People do ask me about the movie, but really, why would I need to see Josh lie on a 20ft tall screen, I've seen that happen up close an personal, and no Josh, just because you ignore me and get drunk doesn't mean I didn't say anything, it means I kept asking questions until you Josh told me to shut up, so seeing the exit door all warmed up, I stopped asking questions, until the final performance which took me over an hour just to get the finish out of you. Bill, you never wanted to work with me anyway, so whatever. Can someone with a film degree clarify if it really is a "Documentary" and not an "Infomentary" when both John&Ryan had scripts in there hands the last time they were here filming? Really rubbed me the wrong way the way they kept trying to get the subject of Hulk Hogan(sorry Mr. Bolea but you were not my favorite), or trying to get me to say one thing that happened there, but didn't happen there. I do wonder where Josh got the idea I didn't know the performances were predetermined, in fact several of mine were scripted, who did what and when/where/how, and I wrote a better ending to Foodfight, something John/Ryan didn't want me to say because it fit their story better to combine Foodfight ending with the first match I had as thee Banana. And just because something is predetermined, doesn't mean you don't have to get someone to agree to do it....oh wait Josh, you didn't do that did you.... But hey, I'm just some guy who doesn't trust anyone, can you really blame me though, I reach out and people go out of their way to screw me over by replacing me with a dweeb that can't get it done, I'm open an honest and people say I didn't say anything.... I own a house, it's paid for, I still collect a coin or two when I feel like it, but when I was paying off the loan it affected the bank more than any protester I walked past to pay off that loan, yes payments everday work, you want to hurt the banks then stop owing them money. Now I make perspective paintings to exhibit at my yearly yardsale, it's my show, it's live, and people even if they don't buy anything are entertained. So stop asking me about this movie, didn't do anything for me anyway, I just felt sorry for Ryan a little, felt helping him make a movie wouldn't take too much out of my day, but then it took YEARS.... Rant over, I'm still your One True Golden God, love me, hate me, people still chanted mah name mothr$(*&[email protected]#s!

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