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Bo Derek as Jane Parker
George Kennedy as Mr. Doctor Graves
Olivia d'Abo as Courtney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lambiepie-2 1 / 10 / 10

How I missed the 1980's

I actually went to a midnight showing of "Bolero" the first Saturday it came out. I was with a bunch of friends from college. We thought, "the reviewers must be mad. How bad can a film with Bo Derek in it, be?" This was bad. I'll sum this up by reporting the thing that has been in my mind about this film for the past 19 years. There was scattered laughter coming from the theater throughout the showing. I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing too at the slow dialogue, bad acting, etc. But around the 25 minute mark, a few people got up and walked out. This was happening all throughout the theater. Other folks were clapping when folks left. That WAS the most entertaining parts of this film. I did sit through almost to the end the movie with my friends (which made the entire experience worth while) and we decided to go to the box-office to get our money back. Too late. There was a new big RED sign hanging from the window that read: "No Refunds"

Reviewed by Chance_Boudreaux19 1 / 10 / 10

One of the best bad movies ever, go check it out and laugh throughout!

You could say I am a connoisseur of bad movies, always searching for the ones so terribly made, ones that make me laugh throughout and this is one of them. Without a doubt I can say that this movie ranks in my top 10 bad movies among such greats as Samurai Cop, Miami Connection and Troll 2. The plot of this movie mainly centres around Bo Derek trying to lose her virginity, first in Morocco and then Spain where she pursues a matador who has an affinity for 14 year old gypsies. I don't want to spoil anymore to those that want to seek this movie out but what I just described is only some of the utter ridiculousness that this film offers. I am surprised this one isn't mentioned amongst the great terrible movies on any lists that I have seen, anybody who loves awful movies should do themselves a favour and watch this immediately.

Reviewed by Tracy Winters 1 / 10 / 10

Bo goes with the flows to the throws of who knows?

Bo places an ad. Overseas is where the action is for Bo and her company of fellow bores when she travels the jet-stream to Spain with the intention of losing her virginity. Oh, the makings of a great script.... are not found here. Yes, Bo takes off her clothes, and yes, there are some 'sex scenes', so called. But this flick is small potatoes, albeit those small potatoes Golan and Globus thought it was "too sexy"... pffft. Their sex lives must really suck. One of four John Derek/Bo Derek limp-noodle collaborations. It's hard to say which one was the worst, but this one is in the top four.

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