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Reviewed by poolandrews 1 / 10 / 10

I hated every second of this dumb comedy.

Big Monster on Campus is set ion Los Angeles where smart science student Frank Stein (Matthew Lawrence) has ideas about bringing the dead back to life, while at a party local nerd Karl O'Reilly (Ryan Reynolds) is confronted by cool high school dudes Lance (Justin Walker) & Tuttle (Christian Payne) & after an accident Karl ends up dead at the bottom of a swimming pool. Fearing they will be blamed for Karl's death Lance & Tuttle accept an offer of help from Frank who says he can bring Karl back to life, unfortunately Karl has suffered a bad head injury so Frank replaces Karl's brain with that of recently deceased killer Wayne Dobbs. After successfully bring Karl back to life it's no great surprise that killer Dobbs takes over much to everyones annoyance, Frank realises what he has done & feels compelled to right his mistake... Also known as Boltneck & Teen Monster this was directed by Mitch Marcus & I have to admit that I loathed every second of this horrible teen horror comedy that I am struggling to find one positive thing about, nope I can't think of anything at all. With a lead character named Frank Stein & a dead body being brought back to life by electricity with a killer's brain inside it's not hard to tell that this is a parody of Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein although to be honest this plays out more like an episode of Dawson's Creek as it focuses on various teen issues & problems, in fact there's little reason to have the Frankenstein subplot here at all. The comedy moments are embarrassingly bad & of the moronic variety, two kids with a dead body in their car are stopped by a cop & he just thinks the dead guy is drunk (yeah, right) or two guy's pulling someone else's pants down at school. This is as clever & funny as it gets which basically means it's not clever or funny in the slightest. There are no horror elements, the teen angst issues are awful & predictable (kid impresses demanding father & gets the girl of his dreams, groan) & I sat there watching this crap with a blank expression on my face not even really taking it in, there's just a collection of bad scenes strung together with no reason behind it. Also it looks like bringing the dead back to life is pretty easy according to this, I think I might give it a try... The whole film has no flair or style & feels like a bland soap opera. Forget about any horror as there really isn't any. All the character's are really irritating & the comic relief bad guy's are just dumb. I actually can't remember that much else about this & I only endured it last night. This probably had a small budget but has reasonable production values despite being devoid of any style or personality. The acting is alright, to be honest everyone just got on my nerves though. Big Monster on Campus is a terrible horror comedy that doesn't contain any horror or laughs, one of the worst films I have seen this year so far & a perfect example in how to make 90 odd minutes feel like an eternity.

Reviewed by joiningjt 8 / 10 / 10

A must see for Ryan Reynolds fans!!!!

It's a low budget comedy it has no cgi, big set, etc. What it does have is a great performance by Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the cast, reinhold us hilarious and even Duvall is decent I purchased it on Ebay for a low price and glad I did. Watch it. It's funny!!

Reviewed by inframan 8 / 10 / 10

Very enjoyable little gem

This film is a nice if unimposing blend of Beetlejuice & Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It has a good pace, fine timing, & excellent performances (especially by Ryan Reynolds as the "monster"). Truly a serendipitous experience.

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