Bonnie & Clyde

Crime / Drama

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Emile Hirsch as Cardillo
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Holly Hunter as Mona Camp
Sarah Hyland as Dylan Schoenfield
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-cole83 4 / 10 / 10

The only truths found in this made for television movie

Are that there was a gang known as Bonnie and Clyde... They had a lawman named Frank Hamer (a real life Walker: Texas Ranger) chasing after them... And their stories converge in Louisiana when an ambush kills Bonnie and Clyde. Everything else was just filler to try to tell a story. Let's be real here though, it was A&E that put this together: Arts and Entertainment, which also owns Lifetime (conversely known as Wifetime), and History, which seems less concerned about history and more concerned about spinning a good story. With that, the cinematography is good for a "made for television" budget, and the acting is good. It isn't garbage like many reviews are saying it is. However, elements of teleplay really push what's good about this into territory that it doesn't need to go. The real history of Bonnie and Clyde is compelling enough, considering much of what they did was interpreted as desperate people fighting back against cold-hearted and nameless capitalist institutions during the Great Depression. And that a woman would get caught up in it was also compelling. Had the story stuck to that, this would have been better. There is however no need to distort the history to tell a good story when the story can stand on its own. It gets credit from me for the filming and the acting. It looses too much on the rest.

Reviewed by fburnham 4 / 10 / 10

Good Performances, Lousy Script and Direction

The true story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is dramatic. 2013's "Bonnie and Clyde" is a miserable mess of dishonest storytelling made almost watchable by the performances of Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger and the supporting cast. In this telling of the outlaws' tale, Bonnie Parker is the prime motivator of their criminal behavior. The consequence of this conceit is to make the role of Clyde Barrow somewhat 'sensitive'. To achieve the Bonnie-is-the-bad-one theme the writers have presented patently false scenes. ## SPOILER COMING ## The departures from fact in this production are too many to name here, but highlights are: Bonnie Parker did not kill Doyle Johnson on Christmas Day, 1932. But this production has her do it and the thrill-seeking manner in which she commits the murder becomes a central conflict between her and Clyde. Also, Bonnie did not participate in the shooting deaths of highway patrolmen Wheeler and Murphy on Easter Sunday, 1934. The 'eyewitness' to this event was soundly discredited. Even the scene where Bonnie and Clyde first see each other (Bonnie's wedding) is total fabrication, suggesting that the director and writers did not have the confidence to find drama in the true event ## SPOILERS ENDED ## Director Bruce Beresford and writers Joe Batteer and John Rice have opted to give a rendition of the Bonnie and Clyde story that is a supermarket tabloid version, not anything close to the true story. And frankly, the true story is a whole lot more interesting than the story being told here. Not only is the dishonesty a disservice to the audience, but it also means the actors have to create their characters from scratch, since what is in the script and on the screen does not resemble the true personalities and motivations of Bonnie and Clyde. Brucie Beresford should look back to his "Breaker Morant" roots to remind himself how a true story should be told. A definite "pass on it". Aside from just bad storytelling, it is too long and slow. Regrettably I didn't hit the fast-forward button.

Reviewed by GatormanTN 4 / 10 / 10

Based on a Trues Story is not even close...

Once again we see the glamorization of detestable criminals. I was hopeful that this dramatization would correct many of the mistakes made in the past but this only made things worse in my opinion. The acting left a lot to be desired and the only reason that I even went into the second part was just to finish it out, not because I was captivated or anxious to see the conclusion. Part one of the series left me feeling that this was way over-hyped and like the cover of an old Atari game. There were several items within the mini-series that have been refuted as false many times and just frankly should not be included in any production that dares to say "based on a true story.' Productions like this make that tag line mean nothing more than that two people with these names existed and they committed crimes. The rest is just what we thought would make the movie good. However, I would say they failed on all fronts.

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