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Reviewed by sergio-168 9 / 10 / 10

Nearly Excellent . . .

This is not a movie for anyone. It is mainly targeted to an audience that has read at least some of the thousands comics of "Boggie el aceitoso," Spanish for 'Oily Boogie.' Created by the late Argentine cartoonist Roberto Fontanarrosa, Boogie parodies the American stereotype of the macho, tough guy American hero. Faithful to the aforementioned comics, which started being published in South America in 1974 and ended in 1995, Boogie is presented as a anti-hero who lives as a callous and merciless hit man in what appears to be New York City. Oily Boogie is thus a gun-for-hire and he couldn't care less about the target as long as the money being offered is good enough. In this low budget yet highly original movie, Oily Boogie is the ultimate sociopath: a rude, uncouth, chauvinistic, misogynistic, warmongering alpha male. The script is very well done and it greatly helps to enhance all these negatives tendencies in Oily Boogie. Jingoistic people should abstain to see this movie because, undoubtedly, they will find it offensive and grossly anti-American. Indeed, cartoonist Fontanarrosa was highly critical of the many wars the United States was involved in ---Vietnam in particular. Oily Boogie is an extreme version of the "Ugly American" seen by the eyes of anti-war cartoonist from Rosario, Argentina. The movie is fast-paced, funny and somewhat unpredictable. Its violence is so extreme is laughable, and the main character, Oily Boogie, is so cynical it can make the audience laugh or just leave the theater...

Reviewed by fjhuerta-2 10 / 10 / 10

Fun, fun, fun

I never thought a movie about Boogie could be this good. It's so faithful to the comics, it even includes a couple of jokes from them - the best ones I ever read, actually. The drawing style is exactly as I'd have thought Boogie should look like in a movie - Boogie's voice is dry, sarcastic and funny. I'd think as a whole, it's a bit more violent than the comics ever were; nevertheless the whole package is perfectly executed. It's a terrific tribute to Fontanarrosa's work. Highly recommended (if you ever liked Boogie in the first place - I suppose it's too violent for most people).

Reviewed by Rectangular_businessman 10 / 10 / 10

One of the best (and one of the funniest) action movies ever made

"Boogie, the oily one" is an adaptation of the comic created by Roberto Fontanarrosa. I never read the original comic, but I loved this movie. It was filled with intense, thrilling action from beginning to end (And that are much better than the action from many modern action movies) but also have a dark sense of humor; the elements of comedy made this film highly enjoyable: The casual viewer can see this film as a spoof of the stereotypes from action flicks, or simply enjoy it as a exciting story of criminals and mercenaries. The animation was incredibly good, the designs were pretty stylish and well made. It was pretty interesting to see other styles of animation, besides CGi, Disney and anime. Personally, I liked this film more than things as "Wanted" "300" and "Sin City". 10/10

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