Boone: The Bounty Hunter

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April 6, 2019


Erika Eleniak as Aurora Ash
Kevin Sorbo as Producer
Spencer Grammer as Rachel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gbozoki 5 / 10 / 10

Watchable, somewhat funny flick

There are some funny moments and the premise is funny. Some of the acting is very amateurish and the editing isn't great. The story cannot be much simpler. I guess it's OK to have it in the background while you're doing some work - it's watchable with some laughs but nothing to write home about. 5 out of 10

Reviewed by brouer-87748 1 / 10 / 10

Someone must have paid some "rating farm" to up-vote this movie

The best about this movie is the poor martial arts, it never comes as a surprise, and even though it's very slow, the opponents somehow doesn't find time to react (allthough they really could). All the audience gets, is a feel of someone capeable to do pretty slow martial arts. The acting is really bad and does not have a natural flow to put it mildly. I have seen worse movies than this, but they're not from this decade and like the worst of the worst, and they wouldn't even get a star. All in all this is not at all worth watching unless you'r a bad amateur filmmaker that want's to see a really bad end-result.

Reviewed by Niaz Islam Arif 1 / 10 / 10

Extraordinary Lame

Everything about this film is not only but also lame. Watching this film will be a complete waste of time. The story is so weak that one can easily predict every next scene. The script was written with not much care and no characters had any strong role throughout the film. It had no thrill, no twist or any interesting aspect which could grab the viewers attention. There was no real comedy in the script either. But the acting of all the casts was a complete joke. Seeing their terrible performance made the movie thousand times worse. Along with bad acting there was clumsy action scenes. Most of the action scenes looked pretty funny rather than exciting. Even the CGI and the technology they showed in the film were simply hilarious. If one really wants to know how bad a movie can be then s/she can watch it. NOT RECOMMENDED.

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