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Reviewed by adi_2002 4 / 10 / 10


I liked Danny Trejo performance in Planet Terror and Machete but after seeing Cyborg X and this one, I don't understand why he chooses to star in bad movies. Here Jimmy, a car thief must struggle to stay alive after a job went wrong and he was forced to kill an important mobster. The story is simple but the way is portrayed in the movie make it incomprehensible. Is like the director could not manage to keep a nice flow and stumble on the way. Also there is the acting who wasn't so convincing, is like the actors we're bored on the set. Conclusion, this is the result from an inexperienced director and some unknown actors, a big mess. If you watch this and you don't turn it off after 40 minutes, then you are a very patience man. Good luck!

Reviewed by a_chinn 2 / 10 / 10

Beware B-Movie bait-and-switch. Very little Danny Trejo here.

I was suckered by the classic B-Movie bait-and-switch move on who's the actual star of the film. I only watched this film because Danny Trejo was on the poster looking all tough and Danny Trejo-like, but he's not the main character. That would be a no- name actor who finds a mysterious package in the trunk of a stolen car he sells to Trejo, which then leads down a very boring rabbit hole of crime film clich├ęs. Poorly acted, poorly directed, and poorly written, there is nothing to recommend here except for Danny Trejo being Danny Trejo, which was almost enough to hold my attention.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10


Jimmy Greco (Grazi DiPaolo) boost (steals) cars in L.A. He works primarily with Roy (Danny Trejo) who he doesn't consider his boss. JImmy supplies us with some first person narration because the script is not that good. Jimmy steals a special car for Roy, which doesn't go well. This car had a kidney in it for Lorenzo (Rob Nagle) which we later find out it is for a little girl, something you might pick up from the Amazon/IMDB one line spoiler description of the film. The movie is not told in chronological or any logical order. Why a little girl needs one kidney on the black market to live is not explained nor is the fact she is not prepped and near the donor. Trejo and Rob Nagle are the only things close to actors in the film. Grazi DiPaolo was bad in the lead role as was most of the support cast, especially Justin Dray who couldn't deliver a convincing line. This is a crime film we have seen before and done far better. Guide: F-word. Brief sex. No nudity.

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