Borderline Murder


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Brooke Burns as Sydney
Chelsea Field as Det. Sgt. 'Peck' Peckham
David Moscow as Shane
Greg Vaughan as Billy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmcshugs 7 / 10 / 10

Much better than what I expected

Cheap cosmetic surgery lures many clueless people into danger. Both women & men. Trying to find her sister in Mexico, where her family believes she's travelled to get 'touched up'. It's a good suspenseful drama. What will happen next? Who can survive? And especially who can you trust? Well watch the movie to find out. My husband & I were enthralled in this mystery. No gore, very little nudity, very little swearing. Interesting movie.

Reviewed by blanche-2 3 / 10 / 10


"Borderline Murder" from 2011 concerns a young woman, Abby (Brook Burns) who goes to Texas to find her missing sister. She first finds out that her sister was working in a strip club. In her sister's apartment, she finds a brochure for a plastic surgery resort-type hospital in Mexico. Then she meets a reporter who is writing an expose of this type of place outside the country, which are not as advertised, don't use doctors except in the initial exam, and are responsible for hurting people and perhaps even deaths. Patients are threatened if they say anything about suing. Abby teams up with an old police force friend to help in the investigation of what happened to her sister. First of all, on the plus side, it was fun to see two wonderful people, Greg Vaughan and Kathleen Gati, both playing shady characters. I say wonderful people because I've had interactions with both of them. They were both very good in this. Those are the positives. I knew immediately who one of the villains was right off. The movie was slower than molasses, and the acting from the leads was nonexistent. And talk about plot holes -- Abby is nearly run over by a car headed right for her, and she's asked if she wants police protection at home, and she says no. Why the heck not? Someone is after her. Not only that, but people seem to walk in and out of her sister's apartment as if it's the Holiday Inn. Put a chain up or change the locks. I agree with the other person who posted on this board, we should have seen more of the activities in the surgical unit to get a feel for what they were doing. Also, the town she was in must have been McAllen, Texas, because people seemed to be able to get to this hospital in Mexico in a matter of minutes, even though from the bus trip and car trip it looked like it was in the middle of nowhere. This had the stamp of Lifetime, but apparently, Lifetime had nothing to do with it, which came as a surprise.

Reviewed by janquito-92967 3 / 10 / 10

Not worth wasting your time

The acting was bad, as was the plot. I knew right off who the bad guys were. Just overall it's not worth wasting your time. Very corny.

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