Boy Meets Girl


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Alexandra Turshen as Francesca Duval
Eric Schaeffer as Police Officer
Michael Welch as David
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by padgetdl 9 / 10 / 10

A response to the bad reviews

Someone said this movie is a piece of propaganda, and I'm no film expert, but EVERY movie is some kind of propaganda. This is a low budget indie film, no one makes these movies simply for entertainment, the filmmaker had something to say and they SAID IT! So A) if you're homophobic or transphobic you WILL NOT like this movie B) if you expect the main characters to be Sandra Bullock and James Franco, you WILL NOT like this movie. These are young people and for many if not all of them this is their first movie. In the beginning especially the script is rough, the chemistry is questionable, and the plot moves unrealistically fast. BUT about half-way in you can see the characters (and their actors) develop, the chemistry grows between everyone, and the plot is actually very interesting and unexpected. The academy and people who watch movies for technical things are not going to applaud this film, because to be honest it could have used a lot of work. But the subject is fresh, the content is good, and if you're trying to learn more about the transgender (and LGBQ) community this is a great film that I'm sure you will enjoy! PS - someone said this movie is trying to suggest everyone is a little gay, it kind of is. We kind of are :)

Reviewed by IvyNut 8 / 10 / 10

Definite must watch - you will gain so much from this movie

This was the most beautiful movie I have seen in years. Wonderful message of acceptance for the young (teenagers) and old. I think that the US desperately needed this movie right now and the world can really benefit from it too. Also, what a fantastic and fearless lead actress! I can't wait to see more work of her and other transgender actors. Overall, a bittersweet story of the struggles of life as a transgender person who is trying to fit into our society. It leaves you wrapped around a fuzzy feel-good feeling. Go watch it, you will not regret it.

Reviewed by avery-49209 8 / 10 / 10

A charming love story with a likable lead

I had heard about this movie but until today did not have an opportunity to see it. Sadly, as an indie film it does not have the distribution it deserves, but now that we can stream it on vimeo the masses can finally watch. My interest in the film was due to the transgender main character. Having a trans actress playing a trans character is not common today, so this was an exciting opportunity for the community. They pulled it off. Ricky, played by Michelle Hendley is charming and fun. While the character is transgender and the story focuses on that point, she is a fun, sarcastic small town girl and it is easy to forget her anatomy throughout most of the film. While Michelle has a bit of a newcomer feel to her acting, it plays well into the coming of age trans female character. Sadly, her best friend Robby (Michael Welch) was quirky but really stiff. I was left wanting more from his character and kept hoping for a stronger dynamic between two. Acting aside, it's a beautiful story. Somewhat predictable but still a winning formula for a romantic comedy. I cried, I laughed, and I developed a major crush on the Ricky. There's not much more I could have hoped for from an Indie release. Well worth watching and sure to be a classic in the LGBT archives.

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