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November 22, 2021



Art Evans as Father Sal
Jack Scalia as The Boss
Jarrett Lennon as Ernie
R.D. Robb as Fooley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DR23 1 / 10 / 10

This movie should be used in film school

To show how not to make a movie. Extraordinary in its poverty of ideas, direction, sound and photography. This is a movie full of bad clichés where the director has been influenced by nostalgic movies of the 20s and 30s and did not realise that such saccharine sentiments are not useful if you chuck in the odd uninspired and out of place slapstick moment. I assume family members put the money up for this awful production and I can only hope it did not bankrupt the family. Considering the religious settings I was surprised there was no effort to show a positive opinion of young people. At least the makers dream of making a movie was met. The audience will be poorly disappointed and egg making sounds a great idea.

Reviewed by dave_body 10 / 10 / 10

A truly terrible film

Young boy (Chauncy Leopardi) is sent to stay with his aunt for the summer as his mother is away and his father (Beau Bridges) is working, his cousin plays for a local basketball team run by an overzealous coach. Of course the young boy is great player but isn't allowed to play and is bullied by the players and coach, until he teams up with a bunch of misfits.... For some reason Beau Bridges and Jack Scalia got roped into this one, I'm sure it's one they'd like to forget. Crap storyline, seen it many many times before and 100 times better, there also seems to be something wrong with the sound when it was shot. Not really worth wasting 96 minutes on, go and boil 32 eggs instead!

Reviewed by klazta-83658 10 / 10 / 10

Was this real made in 2001?

This is a classic, marvelous piece of cinema. While this was made in 2001, the film seems to be set in 1993. And still, what makes this film rule is not ONE but TWO child actors who played in " The Sandlot". What's more is the horrifying stereotypes this seems to portray. It's just too much goodness for one person to handle.

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