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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peggylynn 9 / 10 / 10

Great movie - loved it.

Fun movie with great lines. My boyfriend and I quite enjoyed it. It was really all one joke, but they didn't flog the horse too much. Nice, light, fluffy stuff. Loved the songs and the fashion. Don't know what movie other people who've commented were watching. Did they expect Shakespeare? It probably could have been a neater plot/script, but we knew what kinda humour we were gonna get when we walked in the door. Maybe it was too subtle for some. I thought the dry humour people were dropping on the sly was great. Australian comedies do have a particular style about them. Go Aussie cinema!

Reviewed by freo43 5 / 10 / 10

Boytown is great - best Aussie comedy in ages

I got along to a sneak "mystery" preview screening at Village in Sth Yarra, and almost contemplated leaving when I found out it was a Mick Molloy Australian comedy movie. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised though! If you like The Castle, The Dish or any American MTV rockumentary/music based movies, I'd think you'll enjoy this. Glenn Robbins was great in the lead I thought, in fact all 5 of the boy band were very good. Three bad bits- I thought the closing 3 minutes were among the worst ever seen in Cinema, and really destroyed the enjoyment of the rest of the flick. It was Aussie commercial-TV sketch show bad. (and THAT'S BAD!). The same goes for the ridiculous scene of one of the guys dancing in his underwear... BAD! And one of the songs they sing will probably be offensive to some people. So, those 3 cringe-worthy moments aside, I think these guys have done a fantastic job. I left the cinema laughing and enjoyed telling others about the movie, something I haven't done for an Aussie movie in many years (since The Castle, probably!). When it comes out, check it out and hopefully these flicks will keep improving :)

Reviewed by tastyhotdogs 5 / 10 / 10

Damn it!

I was really expecting a lot from this film, but was badly letdown. The movie seems to be formed out of the idea of funny songs about middle age women. That's it! Besides this idea, the film fell totally flat. The movie begins with the former lead of the band, Benny G (Robbins), thinking about reuniting the old band. He visits all the former members of the band and they agree to give it a go. Within 15 minutes of the film they're releasing singles. Their first attempts fail, until Benny has the idea of writing songs aimed at issues facing middle age women. Funny idea, and some funny songs....but that's it. Not enough here to fill a movie. From here the band releases an album and goes on tour. That's it. Absolutely no depth given to the characters, none of the characters even have any quirks, besides one of the band seeming to be gay. The great cast of comedians gathered was wasted, especially Bob Franklin. Normally Bob is funny just by opening his mouth, but he was given nothing to work with. Pleasant enough, but this should have rivaled "The Castle" for laughs.

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