Brave Blue World



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Jaden Smith as Self
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Trevor Noah as Self / Presenter The Daily Show
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dreamup-1 7 / 10 / 10

A very important solution is missing.

The film is ok. The technologies shown are interesting and inspire some hope in the survival of the humanity, but the simplest and maybe the most important solution was not even mentioned. Ok, home filters of the "grey" water waste can save several thousand liters of water per month, but let's have a look at another example. The production cycle of just one liter of milk requires around a thousand liters of water; one burger patty requires several thousands liters. Just by switching to an oat or soy milk and ditching beef (and preferably all the meat) you will save enormous amounts of water, hundreds of thousands liters per year just in your household. We need to think globally. Water is used not only in our taps, but for all the products which we buy and we eat.

Reviewed by mccollum26 1 / 10 / 10

As soon as I saw Jaden Smith....

I know there's nothing to see. When I see a documentary, I expect to learn from someone who studies, works, lives the subject, not a celebrity who know next to nothing but try to present themselves otherwise. When I saw someone like Jaden Smith, my hope just dies. What a waste of the subject.

Reviewed by rsvp321 1 / 10 / 10

Here we go again! groan...

Bias, unsupported with facts, eco-fanatics opinions...and opposition opinions not permitted. The involvement of these high profile celebrities is suspect, too. They've invested in these schemes, so from a perspective, it's an infomercial for their personal wealth. There's *an identical* "documentary", "A Thirsty World" (2012), that gives the same message. Here we are, eight years after that one, and not one prediction has come to fruition. Actually, some have proven to be the exact opposite of the doom and gloom forecast. Some nice scenery, if you have a large screen, but otherwise, you can watch with no volume

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