Breaking Surface

Action / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xpudqjjf 7 / 10 / 10

Requires suspension of Disbelief

Keeps you at the edge of your seat. You just have to get over how dumb the main character is. Also, the movie could have done without the backstory. I would have cared about what happened to these characters irrespective of their past.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 4 / 10 / 10

As a certified PADI Enriched Air Diver, this is as real as it gets

This is a Swedish/Norwegian production, and only the fourth full length feature film written and directed by newb filmmaker Joachim Heden. It's a tense, and well executed film that portrays a very accurate representation of the dangers of diving. The cinematography was perfection. Norway's Lofoten Islands setting was spectacular and breathtaking. The underwater filming was on par with big budget Hollywood blockbusters. I've read some reviews complaining about the writing; sure it's not perfect, but the weird offside scenes add to the real-life "when it rains it pours" events. It was a refreshing non-Hollywood-ed film, and considering this was written by a newb filmmaker, it was still much better than some of the big budget Hollywood flops put together by seasoned filmmakers that have been coming out lately. The score was on point and the acting very convincing. The 80 min runtime was just right, as was the pacing. Had the writing been a little tighter, this would've been a perfect film. It really felt like it was based on true events, and even caused me, a certified diver, anxiety watching the drama unfold. It's a well deserved 8.5/10 rounded up to a 9 from me. Click on my username to see more of my 1000+ ratings and 900+ reviews.

Reviewed by cauwboy 4 / 10 / 10

Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.

It's hard to write a review like this, it's a small, swedish film that needs all the support it can get, yet I can't rate it higher than 4 out of 10. Why? Well, first of, to me this was a 40-60 minutes long film, stretched out to barely 90 minutes. Keep it in the water the whole film through instead. I also guess my hopes were too high because of tag lines on the poster, calling it "the best swedish thriller" and other sentences with "Best" in it. The thing is, all the technical stuff is great, the cinematography, the sound, the music, the scenery, it was a very easy film to follow and not shaky cam or something like that, it felt like I was watching a Hollywood film at some scenes. What drags it all down is the story. We get some flashbacks to the main characters lives as kids, some look at their daily lives with one working as a repairman/diver and the other one having a difficult relationship with her husband, none of it really matter to the story. Then there's arguing among one of the sisters and their mom, feeding their dog cigarettes (wtf?) and then for some funny reason, a stranger on the road having a flat tire that one of the sisters decides to help, even if the owner of the car already called for help. Why? To show the jack-screw that lifts the car, it will obviously have an important role later in the film... but then again, no, it doesn't. An important thing when I watch a film is that I can somehow relate to the characters or if nothing else, get some kind of reward throughout the film, something that makes me like it, but as the film went on, I just didn't care if anyone lived or died, there wasn't really any reason for why I wanted them to live - one of them have kids, the other one going travel to the Philippines next week, not enough reason for me to care. At least make the main character smart, or even smarter than the viewer, that way I can actually cheer more for her - instead I was just rolling my eyes over every new mistake she made that lead to nowhere. It's noot until the end that she does something smart, but by then I had already stopped to care. I think another thing that would've made the film more real, would be if the main character didn't talk as much, most of the things she said was obvious and already known by the viewers without having it told to them. It just made her sound more stupid. Just look at All Is Lost (2013) another thriller about a single person in a dire situation, barely no words are said during that film and it's not any side stories or flashbacks in it. I'm sure the two lead actors are great at their jobs, but with the wrong screenplay or direction, it's just another forgettable film among others. Oh, and then there's the dog that gets killed, was that even necessary? It would've been enough with her being bitten and barely escaping the house, but to kill the dog and leave a message? There just wasn't any reward with the house-scene. At least she could've found a jack-screw or something else to try and save her sister, instead of destroying their car any more. It just made me dislike the main character even more.

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