Bride of Re-Animator

Comedy / Horror / Science Fiction

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Bruce Abbott as Dr. Dan Cain
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Jeffrey Combs as Wilbur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

Great Sequel

In Peru, Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) and Dr. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) are medical volunteers in a civil war with the assistant Francesca Danelli (Fabiana Udenio) and they are researching how to create human life from dead tissue using wounded soldiers as guinea pigs. They return to Miskatonic Hospital and Dan treats a terminal patient, Gloria (Kathleen Kinmont), and gets close to her. When the snoopy Lt. Leslie Chapham (Claude Earl Jones) investigates the Miskatonic Massacre, he learns that body parts are missing in the morgue, and Herbert and Dan become his prime suspects. But Herbert kills the lieutenant and revives him with the serum. Meanwhile, Dr. Graves (Mel Stewart) finds the head of Dr. Carl Hill (David Gale) and the green substance that the deceased doctor stole from Herbert, and uses the serum to resurrect Dr. Hill's head. When Gloria dies, Herbert and Dan use her head, with Meg's heart and parts of other women to create the perfect woman. But Lt. Chapham teams up with Dr. Hill to seek revenge against the crazy scientists. "Bride of Re-Animator" is a great sequel of the cult "Re-Animator", with Dr. Herbert West creating some of the most weird and bizarre creatures. The last time I had seen this film was on 23 March 2000 and today I have just seen it again on VHS. The storyline is very similar to "Frankenhooker", both films released in the middle of 1990. I really do not know who might have plagiarized who, but either "Bride of Re- Animator" or "Frankenhooker" are worthwhile watching. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "A Noiva do Re-Animator" ("The Bride of the Re- Animator") Note: On 26 June 2015, I saw this movie again.

Reviewed by Minus_The_Beer 8 / 10 / 10

"Are We Having Fun Yet?"

Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Coombs) is at it again! Having not learned anything from his experiences in 1985's "Re-Animator," the mad scientist continues to simultaneously play both doctor and God. Culling spare body parts from the local university, West promises to his loyal buddy Dan (Bruce Abbott) to restore the love of his life, Megan (who you may remember as being played by Barbara Crampton in the original). It seems Meg's heart continues to beat, and while Dan is distracted by a new love (Fabiana Udenio) and a dying patient (Kathleen Kinmont), Dr. West is determined to re-unite the two lovers by any means necessary because, well, what else are friends for? Taking the reigns from director Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna ("Return Of The Living Dead III") has his work cut out for him. Following up a certified cult-classic such as "Re-Animator" is no easy task, and yet Yuzna's follow-up, "Bride Of Re-Animator," works hard to maintain the same level of zany good times as delivered by its predecessor. Retaining the pitch-black humor of the original almost to a fault, Yuzna's film is steeped in tragedy, revenge and outright insanity. Coombs is in top form as Dr. Herbert West, while Abbott is admittedly given little to do beyond tearing himself between his various loves. No matter, because the film is endlessly entertaining and utterly twisted. The special effects are quite the spectacle unto themselves, boiling over into a wacky and truly delicious final act. If there's one gripe to be had with "Bride" it's that the film lacks a cohesive pace. More often than not, story is forsaken for the sake of various undead antics and shenanigans (see the wife-beating detective hot on Dr. West and Dan's trail for reference). Sometimes the film tries a little too hard perhaps, but that's part of its charm. It's all or nothing with Yuzna, and his hyped-up take on H.P. Lovecraft's mythology does not disappoint. Those seeking a gloriously gory and at times touching horror story would do well to find themselves hitched to "Bride Of Re-Animator."

Reviewed by emperor_bender 8 / 10 / 10

"Are you telling me they're not dead?"

Great sequel to a great movie. The scenario in this movie is slightly different than the first one. The movie starts off 8 Months after the "Miskatonic Massacre", the beginning takes place in Peru where a civil war is raging on. Herbert West and Dan Cain are volunteered medics there, helping wounded soldiers. It doesn't take long before West is back to his old tricks again. An allied soldier is on an operating table in a tent and Herbert and Dan are attempting to save him, he passes away but Herbert manages to bring him back right before shooting him in the face. As the allies retreat, Dan and Herbert are attacked by some soldiers but does that stop West? Hell no They return to Miskatonic where Dan is treating a cancer patient, Gloria. And life seems to be going on normally despite a massacre occurring only months earlier. That is, until Lt. Leslie Chapham(played by Claude Earl Jones) arrives. Chapham informs Dr. Graves (another doctor who works at Miskatonic) that the investigation of the Miskatonic Massacre is still under investigation. He brings along with him the head of Dr. Carl Hill (who was found in a side-show, a reference to West's advice in the first movie "Get a job in a side-show"). Soon, an Italian woman who had assisted West and Cain in Peru, Fancesca Danelli shows up and falls in love with Dan. However, as we all know from the previous movie, Dan can never have anything good in his life without it being destroyed. Hill's head is soon re-animated and he is back to his old tricks again. And of course West is back to his tricks as well, experimenting re-animating various body-parts and whatnot. Lt. Chapham pays West a visit one night while Dan and Francesca are otherwise "occupied" and attempts to attack West, who informs him that he is suspected of killing his wife. West kills Chapham and brings him back...BIG MISTAKE. Hill is also given bat wings...another big mistake. West and Dan have used body parts of different people to create the perfect bride. Using Gloria's head, Meg Halsey's heart, and various other parts from other women. Soon another massacre takes place under the cemetery, the re-animated corpses, Chapham, the bride, Hill, and all of West's experiments are involved. Well, I wont give every every last thing that happens This movie is a must for fans of the first one

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