Brittany Runs a Marathon


Comedy / Drama

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November 20, 2019

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chris-938-4571 10 / 10 / 10

A real treat

Got to see this at the premiere at Sundance and the crowd loved it. Brittany is a character you want to root for. The story and acting are spot on. Avoids some of the cliches of feel good rom-com films, and is genuinely funny and touching.

Reviewed by jnatale-27498 7 / 10 / 10


Just saw this movie at Sundance premier. Went in knowing nothing about it . Came out feeling absolutely high. Don't want to set it up for a fall, because one never knows what the capricious world will deal a movie, but I hope it finds the huge audience it deserves. Actors were all unknown to me, but apparently products of the NY stand up and improv scene, and every one of them-- from the incredible lead who plays Brittany, to her sort-of, kind-of, love interest, and all the supporting players in between-- deliver hilarious, authentic, and heart-felt performances. The plot will sound a little well-worn, but like any journey, the details and specifics are where it finds its foothold-- it is about a drifting early-30s single woman in NYC, dealing with lack of self esteem, weight issues, and general absence of motivation and employment. As she slowly works her way towards a lost or missing sense of self worth, she discovers running, and sets her sights on running the NY Marathon. She also manages to strike up a fledgling relationship with a fellow drifting 30 something who shares a dog-sitting job with her, in which they both ridiculously and hysterically abuse their job of essentially watching a dog, by deciding that the town house it lives in actually belongs to them. There are countless obstacles on Brittany's road to self worth, from friends who aren't really friends, to substances, to dates gone wrong, but again-- the biggest obstacle she faces is herself. It culminates in her running of the NYC marathon, and the footage all appears to be clearly from the actual event, adding to the feeling of authenticity that permeates the whole endeavor. There is also a wonderful element of diversity in the film-- socioeconomic, racial, sexuality-- that is wonderful, in part, because I really only thought about it after it was all over. Nothing about it felt token, or as if it was there to make a statement. It was simply part of the fabric of the life of these characters and their relationships. Again, elements of this will sound like they might be similar to other comedies of recent years ("Trainwreck" may share a few strands of DNA), but this inhabits rare real estate-- it is hysterically funny without going for cheap or easy laughs; it has pathos without being maudlin; and has at its core a beating heart without an ounce of saccharine. It is about a journey that almost anyone can recognize-- kind of the only journey worth taking-- the struggle to love oneself, and in the process, love others, and let others love and care for us. I was among the countless people in the audience who were crying at the end while laughing (what't the word for that? slaughobbering? blaphering?). I hope every person involved in this endeavor, from the writer-director, to the entire cast, finds great success in the future, but that is trite to say-- they already have a huge success in "Brittany Runs a Marathon", and if they did nothing else (which WON"T be the case), they should take tremendous pride in this gem. I can't wait to see it again. And probably again after that. See it whenever you can.

Reviewed by rockman182 7 / 10 / 10

Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

Summer at the movies has come to an end and I can feel it from the lack of films coming out this and next week. However, Brittany Runs a Marathon is something that I wanted to make sure to see for somewhat personal reasons. No, it's not because I want to lose weight to look and feel better, although sure that's something good to get to one day. I more so identified with the idea of doing something for yourself and improving yourself, and just having a more all around positive attitude. Its something that I've really been focusing on this year and I feel so much better. The film is an entertaining watch and hammers home a few good messages. The film is about a 28 year old who after visiting the doctor realizes that she needs to start losing weight to avoid serious health problems. The idea of running at first is so daunting and crazy to her but once she gets into it she sees things change, including her friendship, her romantic life, and also what she learns about herself and about the willpower she never knew she possessed. This is the first time I'm seeing Jillian Bell in a lead role and shes absolutely great in this. The film does a great job of balancing humor and the drama that comes with it. The film is a rather empowering tale of loving oneself. Its not just about the physical gains that come out of taking care of yourself but a lot of it comes from the mind and being in a place where you are truly happy. As mentioned earlier, this is something that is so true for me in this stage of my life where I am consistently looking to improve myself and I've been happier than I've been before. Getting back to the film its a nice bit of a character study filled with training montages, awkward romances, breakups of close friendships, and a theme of change. Yes, we've heard of all this before in film but Brittany Runs a Marathon does it very well. I do feel like the film loses its way in writing a bit near the end but ultimately it means very well and does a job of entertaining its viewers. 7/10

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