Broken Poet


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Marisa Berenson as Kathy Madison
Michael O'Keefe as Danny 'Joshua' Stetson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Novacain2006 3 / 10 / 10

A Broken Mess

I have no idea where these 10 star reviews came from but this mess of a movie certainly doesn't deserve them. This film is barely watchable beyond 5 minutes due to the terrible, wooden acting and awful dialog not to mention the overwhelming feeling you're watching someone's first attempt at film making. But the blame can't fall only on the acting. The editing is atrocious with no sense of rhythm and takes that could have been trimmed of several frames to create flow are left complete so conversations have a "stop and start" vibe that feels fake and unreal. The main actresses voice is dubbed in and it's so uneven and distracting it just kept taking me out of the movie. The continual over use of every overwrought cliche in the artsy director's playbook is distracting and transparent leaving this mess feeling more like an art school student's C grade project instead of an experienced director's output. People don't act like this. People don't talk like this. And good director's don't direct like this. All in all this is an amateur attempt at filmmaking that falls horribly short and is a cringefest to endure until the end. Even for a music lover like myself this was too much of too little to find anything redeeming in.

Reviewed by gokymi 10 / 10 / 10

An Unique style

I think it is a unique film due to its surroundings, for being so relaxing and although it is not very entertaining, it is interesting to see how the story progresses

Reviewed by Bangzoom69 10 / 10 / 10

A rarely told story of rock stardom

As much as I enjoyed the recent film a star is born what I enjoyed about this film is that it told the story of another side of rockstardom - a once-famous musician Who rejects fame, riches and celebrity. Great evocative shots of Paris!

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