Brotherhood of Blood


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ellen_Addie 7 / 10 / 10

Low budget but interesting

Subtlety is a very important thing in any good horror movie. Not only does subtlety reduce the ridiculous amount of "in-your-face-quality" that today's horror movies seem to love, which effectively makes then just plain old action movies, subtlety shows that a film has respect for its audience. It doesn't feel like it has to explain everything at every step of the way since it knows that an interested audience will be on the lookout for hints as to what is going on. That's what makes films like this enjoyable. In fact, that what makes any film enjoyable. It isn't just a barrage of images, but rather an engaging sequence of them. This sequence can be unchronologically organized or in any number of ways obscured to create suspense, but as long as it is engaging, the audience will be happy. There are numerous hints as to what is really going on and the final climatic twist is really a good one.

Reviewed by westonfreaky 8 / 10 / 10

Brotherhood of Blood is a good example of counter-cinematic art.

Counter-cinema in its simplest definition is cinema that through its own cinematic practices, questions and subverts existing cinematic codes and conventions. Counter-cinema usually lies in independent film-making and often attempts to combine genres of film that would, on the surface seem to not go together. In "Brotherhood of Blood" the directors cleverly combines the 'vampire' genre and the 'mystery thrillers' sub-genre in an art-house context. Both genres are embodied by a certain mysticism. The curious thing about "Brotherhood of Blood" is that this film is the most realistic and human vampire film that I have seen. I suspect that this is because the film focuses on both worlds; that of the hunters and that of the vampires. Both worlds seem to offer something that the other wants, though humanity (not being human) seems to be the ultimate goal. What follows in the film are continual contrasts between both worlds, the one whose people live at night, and the other whose people live during the day. But there are strong parallels drawn between both groups. We see that they have more in common than they would admit. We must remember that each one of these vampires was at one point a human being. The film seems to be implying that even in the most extreme of transitions (from human to vampire), one cannot completely leave behind the rites that you previously cherished so deeply.

Reviewed by Ross16 8 / 10 / 10

Not the usual vampire movie

I will not give away ANY plot details in this review. If you get even the inkling of what happens in the plot, it tends to make you "wait" through the entire movie for that particular twist or turn to happen. It is so much better to watch the movie all the way through the first time, plot unknown, to watch how it unfolds. That's what makes the film noir movies so great for watching and re watching. The first time you see it, you are caught up in how the mystery elements are linked together and unraveled. In subsequent watchings, you know what the end game is, and you now enjoy all the clues and hints that are laid out for you along the way. Where most movies can get boring after a viewing or two, I've seen many of my film noir movies quite a large number of times. The beauty of Brotherhood Of Blood is the cast involved - Every one of these actors does a god job. There are so many quotes, so many specific lines of dialog, so many tiny eye movements and looks that just bring incredible depth to this story. Again, I don't want to give away the details of the plot for you to "watch for". Once you've seen the movie, there will undoubtedly be moments that stand out for you. You realize the context of the situation. It is a multi-layered adventure and each time you take a look, something else unfolds for you.

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