Bruce Lee, the Legend



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Brandon Lee as Brandon Ma
Jackie Chan as Zhong Wen
James Coburn as Cpl. Henshaw
Steve McQueen as Jake Holman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rdoyle29 5 / 10 / 10

interesting, but very incomplete

A tribute to the incomparable kung-fu master. It includes rare footage of his athletic capabilities and interviews with some of the people who knew him. Produced by Golden Harvest, it is light on details of Lee's early life and heavy on the details of his films for Golden Harvest. As such, it leaves out several interesting and important incidents from Lee's life, and gives short shrift to what is arguably Lee's most important film "Enter the Dragon". It also focuses heavily on some of his co-stars from his early Hong King films, and makes no mention of his most prominent co-stars, Chuck Norris and John Savage. It's difficult to say just who its intended audience is since dedicated Lee fans will find it uninformative, yet casual fans may find the immense amount of detail about his early films tedious.

Reviewed by guyster-2 6 / 10 / 10

New information hadn't heard before about Bruce Lee.

This documentary included footage from movies Bruce Lee made as a child. I didn't know he started making movies when he was 6 years old. The movie definately shows him in a very positive way; they only mention some of the rumors in passing. There are film clips throughout which made it more interesting. If you like Bruce or martial arts films, this is a movie worth seeing.

Reviewed by hrkepler 6 / 10 / 10

Tribute to the Legend

For the hardcore, and even to casual Bruce Lee fans, this documentary might not give much insight into the life of legendary martial artist. The documentary mostly covers the films Bruce made for Golden Harvest (no wonder, the documentary is produced by the same company, and it is called 'The Official Golden Harvest Tribute'), and leaves out many interesting stuff outside these films that made Bruce Lee an international superstar. Most interesting part of the documentary was probably (at least for me) that it concentrated good enough time on Bruce's earlier Hong Kong films that he made before leaving to United States. There are much more insightful documentaries about Bruce Lee out there, but this one is still worth to see as it is honestly sweet with couple of interesting interviews with Lee's Hong Kong co-stars. The film is well put together, and when this is your first film about Bruce Lee, then you probably learn quite many things about the man.

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