Buddha: The Great Departure


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Reviewed by cuyocksol-UK 3 / 10 / 10

not a patch on the manga

I don't know if this film will ever get a proper official release with English subtitles (or dubbed)... I saw it on YouTube. My daughter and I are great fans of the series of classic manga books by Tezuka, so I was looking forward to this film. I am greatly disappointed. Gone is the wonderful humour of the manga. There is no trace either of the wonderful distinctive style of Tezuka's drawings... this looks just like a thousand other bland anime movies. This is a movie which takes itself far too seriously. The Hollywood-style music is all sentimental swells and saccharine excess. If you enjoyed the deep aspects of the mangas' introduction to the life of the Buddha and to Buddhist teaching... if you enjoyed the original quirky fun and great simple storytelling of the books - then avoid this film like the plague!! Luckily the books are still available in English translation and are a great read for child and adult alike. Go for it!

Reviewed by micropowers 8 / 10 / 10

Total waste

If its a real story of Siddhartha (Buddha) so i must say he was a total confused and a failure to fulfill the duties on his family and his people. He just crying all the time and do nothing . why so many animals happy on his birth even a tatta is more help full then this hopeless Siddhartha. Why great saint said Siddhartha will be the king of the world ? He just abandon his all responsibility and live peacefully alone somewhere,coward unworthy. i wasted my time on this movie. what were they thinking ! if some how they manage to make this imaginary movies for kids so they have to make some more creative then that .

Reviewed by lamarmottaparlante 8 / 10 / 10

Suggested for both adults and children :D

A full-of-value epic story about the life of Shakyamuni Budda, a biographical personal version enjoyable both for who has already read the Osamu's manga and for who has not done. Good music, big atmosphere, optimal graphics. I bought the DVD of this first movie and I watched the second movie of the trilogy, and I am now waiting for the third one. Just a pity that it is available only in few languages. Not exactly as in the manga, the movie wants to bring to the screen an emotional show made by myth, action, spirituality and good dialogues. A great manga epopee translated in a digital alive creature. Definitively suggested for adults and children.

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