Burn Out

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François Civil as Etudiant amphi
Olivier Rabourdin as Alfonso Cecchi
Soufiane Guerrab as Gardien
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davehaydock 8 / 10 / 10

Different enjoyable movie

Probably one of the best motorcycle movies I've seen..as a motor cyclist I give it 1 more star than it maybe deserves

Reviewed by Wizard-8 4 / 10 / 10

Okay, but should have been much better

While the French movie "Burn Out" does overall manage to be a watchable movie, all the same you'll see plenty of weaknesses along the way that will make you surprised nobody apparently saw during the production and tried to patch up. The movie is fairly slickly made on a limited budget, managing to stand up beside more expensive Hollywood exercises. The motorcycle sequences and various other action sequences do have some genuine excitement. But the script is pretty weak. The whole subplot concerning the protagonist and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and their child is really underdeveloped, with it being downright forgotten for many long periods of time. Also, the protagonist seems pretty stupid concerning what he gets into to try and save the mother of his child. It's pretty incredible he couldn't see the inevitable consequences of that. I admit that despite the big script weaknesses, I was never bored, so that's why I am giving the movie a (marginal) thumbs-up. But at the same time, I recommend only watching the movie when you are in an undemanding and forgiving mood.

Reviewed by david-savary 4 / 10 / 10

Burns out and fades away...

Burn Out burns itself out along with it's main character, a young aspiring motorcycle racer that falls in with a group of drug dealers to help his girlfriend, who is indebted to them. This well travelled plot follows along these lines rather predictably, basically finishing the sentence started above without much in the way of surprises. I noticed another review hear touting this as "the French Polar" It's not...Polar was a way better film in style, acting, and story...if you enjoyed this film to any degree, I highly recommend it. This movie is passable entertainment for bike and crime drama enthusiasts, also an extended commercial for Ipone French motor oil (which appears in almost every scene, hope they got some financial support for showing the name and logo 57 times), but not great. The most excitement is garnered through extended helmet cam shots that grow steadily more tiresome as they grow lengthy. At points so bland and predictable in story and dialogue, there seems little point to watching through to the end...which essentially fades out in a yawn most will see coming ten miles down the road.

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