Cabaret of the Dead

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Carrie Keagan as Bubbly Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by firebreathingfilms 10 / 10 / 10

Fetish stands for Fun!

A throwback to the 70's, this is just as enjoyable as the title suggests! Burlesque never had it so good - Carrie Keagan, as always, is sheer joy to watch!

Reviewed by pidstr 10 / 10 / 10

Even Carrie Keagan as Bettie Paige couldn't save this turkey.

Looking like it was shot on a cheap camcorder, and sounding like the dialog was recorded by the camera's mic, the dialog audio swaps around with nearly every cut, making it hard to follow anything the actors say. The burlesque performances have a look like there was no music playing in the room for them to work off of. A student theater group with a smart phone and some LED Panels could probably do better,. I feel a swell of sorrow for the poor soul that had to try and soundmix this film. Even if you're a die-hard Burlesque fan, you'd be better off going to see a local performance then sitting through this one.

Reviewed by glgiles 10 / 10 / 10

Surreptitious Survival in Post-Apocalyptic Hollywood!

"Fetish Factory" ("Cabaret of the Dead") delivers what is titled-and then some! Pin-up vixens perform acts on stage to an enamored group of paying customers in this sexy zom-com (zomedy). However, just because this feature film is visually appealing doesn't mean that there aren't some deeper messages (which, thankfully, don't disrupt the aesthetic flow). For example: a darkly delightful twist near the end, where surreptitious survival is involved, supports sexual equality, in a sense, and there's an anti-ageism vibe throughout as well. One of the femme fatales who stands out is Irma (played by Diane Ayala Goldner). Her sexy stand-up comedy keeps the audience captive alright! Unfortunately for the performers and patrons alike who've gathered for the risqué entertainment, a zombie outbreak has transpired. Safely inside the American Queen Anne-style house, at least for some time, the erotic group gathered has no idea that zombies are shambling outside. I consider these zombies retro-fetch, as they are awesome because they remind me of the zombies from one of my favorite zombie flicks: "Night of the Comet." In addition, the title doesn't just point to the human fetishists gathered. Fetishism is also represented in the creepy broken-faced doll, the mannequin, the red shoes and even the house itself-all which greatly add to the visually menacing atmosphere. Stellar auditory ambience is delivered through the music of Mars Homeworld and The Ventures. This artistically inclined movie proves that you don't have to have a huge budget to make an impressive film. This would be so much fun to show at a Halloween Soirée! GL Giles

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