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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by strong-122-478885 1 / 10 / 10

Billy Joe Was A Bastard-Of-A-Crybaby!

Yes. There are some Westerns out there that I find so bad that (hey!) they're actually good. And then, there are other Westerns out there (just like Cain's Cut-Throats, in fact) that I find so bad that (p.u.!) they stink like a freshly dumped load of pure you-know-what. This ugly, cheap, grubby Cowboy tale (from 1971), about rape, revenge and religious hypocrisy, certainly scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel when it came to its cheesy story, its z-grade production values, and its pathetic performances by one and all of its cast members. Cain's Cut-Throats was such lousy Western junk that it had this viewer literally hating all of its characters with an angry passion, regardless of what side of the law that they were supposed to be riding on. Of course, as a means of spicing up the story and attempting to appeal to all of the hot-blooded males in the audience, Cain's Cut-Throats underhandedly inserted some gratuitous female nudity into a number of key scenes. But this film's story was just too cruel-minded and sadistic in nature for a pair of ripe boobs to make any difference, one way or the other. In a nutshell - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS RUBBISH!

Reviewed by FightingWesterner 1 / 10 / 10

Best Of The Drive-in Westerns

I first saw this as a kid on local television back before infomercials and their credit card wielding enablers banished entertainment from late night TV. The one thing I remembered from the first viewing was John Carradine as the preacher/bounty killer who preserves outlaw's heads in a barrel of brine so he wouldn't have to carry the whole body in for a reward. Seeing it again years later I have to say there's much more madness to Cain's Cuttroats than I remembered. It is a nasty, cynical little drive-in movie with lots of bloody gun shots and tons of insane characters and situations. The plot involves a group of ex-Confederate marauders who try to enlist their former commanding officer (Scott Brady) in their crimes. Rebuked, they proceed to rape his wife and kill her along with his son. Saved by Carradine he and his new partner go on a grim hunt, killing and collecting the heads of the marauders. The standout performances are by Darwin Jostin (best remembered for John Carpenter's Assault On Precinct 13) as a pitifully disturbed murderer, who's death scene was great and makes me wonder why he wasn't a bigger star and Robert Dix as the loathsome one-eyed leader of the vicious pack. The scene where he takes his eye-patch off so Brady's wife would have to look at his empty socket as he rapes her is very disgusting! Cain's Cuttroats sags a bit in the middle but the fascinating and bleak conclusion is worth waiting for.

Reviewed by zardoz-13 1 / 10 / 10

Cutting Your Own Throat Would Be Easier Than Watching This Tripe

"Cain's Cutthroats" is an amateurishly made post-Civil War western saga about a renegade unit of Confederate guerrillas that are still fighting for the Stars and Bars. This low-budget, drive-in movie oater features uniformly shoddy acting by everybody except the venerable John Carradine and character actor Scott Brady. Director Ken Osborne specialized in grade Z exploitation movies and the evidence is apparent in this poorly-paced, ineptly written, and slovenly staged western. The overall idea, however, isn't irredeemable. Scott Brady of "The Storm Rider" plays Justice Cain, formerly Captain Cain, C.S.A., who led a band of merciless Southern raiders called 'Cain's Cutthroats.' The shallow, formulaic screenplay by TV writer Wilton Denmark, Ralph Luce, and Osborne doesn't reveal much about the notoriety of 'Cain's Cutthroats' during the Civil War. After the 'Cutthroats' ambush a U.S.Army payroll shipment and hack off a sergeant's hand off to get the strongbox, they ride off hooping it up because they have stolen so much money. Amison (Robert Dix of "Five Bloody Graves), the gang leader, convinces his renegade cohorts that they must persuade their former military commander to lead them again so that they can raise a new army to fight the Union. Justice Cain isn't pleased with the remnants of his guerrilla unit appear at his isolated house in the wilderness. Although he lets them feed and water their horses as well as crack open the strongbox, Justice wants nothing to do with them. Amison and the others are shocked when Cain won't lead them so they tie him to a hitch rank, beat him up, rape his high yellow African-American wife, and murder his adolescent son. The 'Cutthroats' set fire to Justice's house and put a bullet in him. Predictably, their lone bullet doesn't finish off the grief-stricken husband/father who had to suffer through the ordeal of the villainous gang raping his wife and repeatedly using the politically incorrect N-word. Justice recovers from his bullet wound and finds himself in the back of a wagon while a preacher utters some final words over his dead wife and son. John Carradine of "The Grapes of Wrath" happens along and digs the bullet out of Cain. Although he appears well-dressed in a black suit and hat, Preacher Simms is more than a minister of God. He is also a bounty hunter. He rides in a horse-drawn wagon and keeps the heads of men that he has shot for bounty soaking in salt in a barrel until he can get them to the authorities and obtain his reward money. Simms and Cain team up and pursue the bad guys, killing them off one by one. Osborne directs this nasty little western—in some ways it resembles Clint Eastwood's "The Outlaw Josey Wales—without style. The shoot-outs are ineptly staged and none of the characters—even Cain—are remotely sympathetic. The rape scene is particularly repellent. The blood and violence in the opening robbery is rendered without subtlety. The photography looks really bad. Incidentally, the advertising campaign with John Carradine with a noose around his neck has nothing to do with the plot of "Cain's Cutthroats." Cutting your own throat would be easier than suffering through his atrociously awful nonsense.

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