Camp Cold Brook


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March 21, 2020



Chad Michael Murray as Patrick Kerns
Courtney Gains as John Brierwitz
Danielle Harris as Angela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TwistedContent 4 / 10 / 10

Eventful but Bland, Effortful but Cliche

It was long ago when I stumbled upon "Camp Cold Brook" , thought the poster's cool and it's produced by Joe Dante, so it has been sitting on my watchlist for a year or two. Now that it has finally come out, I can officially say that I'm disappointed. "Camp Cold Brook" is an undeniably eventful and effortful piece of horror - we follow Jack (Chad Michael Murray) and his paranormal team of the show "Haunt Squad" as they find themselves making their hopefully game-changing new episode on the grounds of an abandoned summer camp where a mass murder has taken place years ago. It might seem that the found-footage shtick might be in use, but it's not, just minimalistically. It's still a classic, (at this point) conventional story & to spice it up, the filmmakers mixed it up with... one or two other conventional story lines. The twists are largely predictable, the characters are one-dimensional and the action - bland. "Camp Cold Brook" has very little flair, even less originality, but a lot of effort for the cliché's and cheese, which I personally can't give much props for. The acting performances are fine, albeit clothed up in uninspiring characters, genre fans will likely appreciate seeing Danielle Harris. The cinematographer has really tried to make "Camp Cold Brook" aesthetically enjoyable, dynamic, but on the background of other flaws, it eventually wore itself out or, in other words, ceased to impress. "Camp Cold Brook" is a horror movie for those less experienced in the genre, for it utilizes old tropes, cheap technical solutions and bland story arcs. It has little to none gore or sexuality, so I'd assume teenagers can a get a kick or two out of this. My rating: 4/10.

Reviewed by mansion-95137 4 / 10 / 10

Scary and entertaining

A good horror movie shot with the paranormal style of storytelling. Good jump scares and surely worth the watch

Reviewed by jatstar-112-883891 4 / 10 / 10

Pretty good until the ending

I was expecting this to be a pretty b grade movie, I was surprised, to start off it was better then I expected. Nice and tense, got my heart racing a little. And then it got to the ending. It feels like they ran out of budget and just slapped together a 2 minute scene to finish the movie. I was so disappointed. Up until the end I would have rated it a 6 or possibly a 7. Honestly, it's enjoyable but be prepared to be pretty peed off at the ending.

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