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Kate Mara as Jessica Chandler
Leonor Varela as Katia / Sandra
Michael Kenneth Williams as Mr. Roundtree
Mimi Rogers as Elizabeth Pigeon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cheese world 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty good movie

For a film to not have much information on the two main people the story is about, it really turned out to be pretty good. It was intense, very limited but the message did come across good. I wish it had more about Ashley and Brian life, and more dialogue, film could of been longer.

Reviewed by MattyGibbs 6 / 10 / 10

Sporadically entertaining

Captive is based on the true story of a junkie trying to get her daughter back who is taken hostage by a killer in her home. It's a moderately entertaining story which is helped greatly by good performances by the leads Kate Mara and David Oyelowo. The story does fall flat in places and there is a surprising lack of tension garnered from the situation. However the actors do there best with the material and this just about elevates the film above average in my opinion. Saying that there are enough good scenes to keep you watching. It's nothing to get excited about but it's a decent enough thriller to pass the time especially if you have never heard of the story.

Reviewed by NileFortnerBoogieBuddha954 6 / 10 / 10

Great start with a not so great ending?

It starts out really well. With great introductions to our characters and it really brings the suspense and drama. Unfortunately, later on in the film the drama and suspense slowly fades. The actors are spectacular and strong in this movie, but I believe the weakness would be the pace of the film. Our main characters get to comfortable with one another to quickly. That bond between them never really seems to feel natural. The film is a little short, and I believe it could have had a longer run time. Also, the religious aspect that comes into the story feels a little rushed. I think if they stretched out the run time, the drama, the suspense, and polished the script a little bit more we could have had a better movie. That does not mean it is bad, just this movie could have been so much more.

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