Car Wash


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
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April 9, 2019


Brooke Adams as (uncredited)
Danny DeVito as Grover Cleaver
Richard Pryor as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Benjamin Wolfe 10 / 10 / 10

Disc -o dance!!

The first time I saw this movie I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. My family had owned a car wash, detail company before and I could see that the writer of this movie had done his respective homework on the character development!! The motley crew that we had employed, were just about in the exact same 'vein' of life as these, 'cons' 'crazy men' and 'criminals' that made up the perfect cast in 'Carwash'! I loved this for simple reasons, it simply hit right on it. Sully Boyer, the car-wash owner was a perfectly in place, dis-placed business owner, complete with bad marriage and regrets of owning the wash and not making it a parking lot, like his brother, who could now buy and sell him. There was T.C. (Theodore Chancey Talcott)played by Franklin Ajaye, who's 'hook' in the story was he was imagining that he would be a super hero, named 'The Fly'. "I'd be sharp, sharp, sharp, man. No one would mess with me." Standing with Lloyd by the rag sinks. But he was also in love with Mona. The fine foxy broad who worked at the café, 'Five Spot'. With the whole 'dryer line' to dry the cars as they pulled out from the washing area. The Mexican worker who would harass his Indian friend and back and forth it would go, all the while on the clock! The fighting couple with the classic Mustang to the hippie Jewish kid, well versed in ghetto speak. This movie had it all. Enter Richard Pryor, as the fast-talking money grabbing Rev. Daddy Rich. accompanied by the Pointer sisters! Hilarious!! The more I watch this the more astounded I am at how true to life and form these characters interact with one another. Even an ending that was serious enough, to put a well-rounded effect on the out come of the plot and m.o. of the players. It showed, Loni cared about a young upstart punk, enough to see more in him than he himself(Ackbar-'Duane')could see for himself. Loni(Ivan Dixon's character)simply believed in Duane. That was what Duane needed to not end up in prison. He needed someone to believe in him, not use him to rob a company and go straight to prison. I recommend this highly to those who love the seventies, a great comedic 'everyday' work-situation and doesn't necessarily need car chases or explosions, special effects etc. Bravo. (****)

Reviewed by joshuacarmona-10966 10 / 10 / 10

Great comedy from the disco era

I recently watched this movie with my grandpa and I was pleasantly surprised at the freshness of the comedy in the movie. Most of the jokes relied on slapstick humor and non-politically correct jokes but I especially loved the diverse representation of the state of black culture eight years following the assassination of Martin Luther King. Richard Pryor stole the whole show with the his outlandish charisma and musical number by the Pointer Sisters. The rawness of pointed 1970s humor is a long forgotten art form but it is perfectly captured in this film. I am only docking points because of the general disorganization of the film's plot and lack of any substantial overall conflict in the film moving the pace along. After a while I felt like I was watching a long episode of Saturday Night Live.

Reviewed by joby-75161 10 / 10 / 10

a day in the life or working at a car wash, all struggling to be appreciated and understood.

This movie is pure genius. Thanks to Director Michael Schultz and screenwriter Joel Schumacher. So many interesting unique characters all struggling in their own way. I was rooting for all of them. I believe this movie is underrated. It highlights the great comedians of the comedy store Los Angeles in the 70's. George Carlin, Franklin Ajaye, Richard Pryor, Professor Irwin, Garret Morris,Jack Kehoe, and utilizes an ensemble cast with unexpected depth and heartfelt climax. This movie also has one of my favorite performances of Richard Pryor at the peek of his talents. I love the soundtrack but I think it permeated pop culture and was somewhat overlooked as a film. Love it.

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