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Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

A good and spectacular epic film with all-star-cast and a lot of cameos

The movie deals upon the birth of State of Israel . It's based on real deeds . Here David , ¨Mickey¨ , Marcus (Kirk Douglas) , an American Jew and general of the WW2 who helps the Jewish to build the State of Israel . There are various flashbacks remembering exploits of Marcus during second world War . After that , he goes to Israel and he commands the troops . Marcus formed an Israel's formidable army to fight during the 1947-1948 struggle for Independence . Mickey is in every military action , culminating in a dangerous mission through a risked pass to arrive in Jerusalem . ¨Cast a giant shadow¨ follows the fabulous career of Col. Mickey , he is Kirk Douglas who does a first-rate acting as the daredevil Israeli commandant . John Wayne plays as an American general , he is excellent , as always . Yul Brynner is a Jewish colonel who has the command of the army that will defeat the Arabs . There's a warmly glowing portrait of a woman warrior from Senta Berger . And Luther Adler gives an awesome acting as Ben Gurion . The ending with its spontaneous sentiment on the people when takes place the Independence declaration is the most moving moment in the movie . The music from Elmer Bernstein is impressive and cinematography by the Italian Aldo Tonti is magnificent. The flick will appeal to history buffs . This propaganda motion picture was well directed by Mellville Shavelson . Rating : Acceptable and passable , well worth watching. Rating 6.5/10

Reviewed by mark.waltz 7 / 10 / 10

Don't be distracted by that all-star cast; focus on the message.

While this dramatizes American involvement in two different wars (overlapping in the film's structure even though they take place several years apart), it is presented in a forward manner that is never confusing. Of course, one of those wars is the second world war, and the other one is what little involvement that the American military had in the attempt to create a Jewish state in Israel. At the center of this is Jewish American Kirk Douglas, an army attorney with his own ways of viewing situations, often to his detriment and on occasion to the bemused smirk of his superiors. With John Wayne as a two star general and Yul Brynnur as the Jewish leader fighting for the independent state, there's sure star power. Angie Dickinson is pretty much in the background as Douglas's wife, but has a few moments of greatly influencing her idealistic husband. Senta Berger plays an Italian Jew who teaches Douglas the ways of the Jewish Nationals who consider Douglas an American outsider. One poignant moment has Douglas showing Wayne around Dachau and observing Wayne becoming sick inside as he realizes the horrors. Future Tevye, Topol, plays a classic music loving Arab leader struggling for peace in his changing world. A walk-on by Frank Sinatra as a pilot seems almost gratuitous. Michael Hordern appears briefly as a politician who tries to urge Douglas to convince the Jewish Israelis to proceed slowly, giving the indication that America would only support the leaders who would aide them in getting oil. At a lengthy 140 minutes, this manages to fly by pretty quickly with moments intense and poignant, violent and peaceful, traditional and modern. I really felt that I was getting a pretty authentic view of some of the situations that could have gone on, taking account that this war for control has never really ended, only getting more complex as new leaders and technologies have become involved. Indeed, no matter how much money and power a country at war has, the results are usually the same as those countries which don't.

Reviewed by KingBrian1 7 / 10 / 10

Israel's struggle for Independence

The struggle for Isreali Independence as portrayed in media, with all the old favourites playing the cast of characters. Col David Marcus former US military officer is recruited into the Israeli army to help his people build a new future in the post war era. This movie sheds light on the historic emergence of Israel as a nation among the nations of the world. The focus is primarily aimed at the Jewish/Israeli events that led to their nationhood. The character of David Marcus a proud patriot for Israeli's who build and managed the Israeli army.

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