Catch Hell

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Carol Sutton as Lucy
Joyful Drake as Diane
Ryan Phillippe as Jack Yorke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbrb 7 / 10 / 10

A star!

When I viewed this movie it was named "Chained". It is a drama thriller about a Hollywood actor with a declining career who is kidnapped by thugs and held locked up in a remote cabin.... I thought the lead players all give full throttle performances including the baddies and the film is mostly compelling and well presented. The very last sequence I found a little bit odd but despite that I was impressed with this picture and Ryan Phillippe is not someone who I had noticed before but he certainly has star quality: 7/10.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 1 / 10 / 10

Doesn't do anything to separate it from the rest

Ryan Phillippe's directorial debut 'Catch Hell' is a strange little movie. It's an interesting story that never really goes anywhere. The plot never really advances. And Phillippe in the lead role is never really given any opportunity to shine. He co-wrote the story as well so this surprised me. Surely when you write a character that you know you're going to play you give yourself every opportunity to be the star of the show, but this was never really the case. The kidnappers had the most interesting characters of the lot. It's not an overly bad movie, it's just simply pretty forgettable. There's no element to it that separates it from the bunch. Does Phillippe have a future behind the camera? I don't see why not. This film would have been about as straight forward as they come to direct, but I still didn't see any glaring mistakes he made. The choice of the scene over the credits was a bizarre one for me. I'm not sure exactly what he was going for with that and I'd love to hear his explanation. Give it a look if you're short of something to watch but otherwise you're not missing a whole lot.

Reviewed by Avner Lipschitz DDS 1 / 10 / 10

Just awful... I'm embarrassed for Phillipe.

Wow was this (TV?) movie horrible. Even for Hallmark channel standards. I can't honestly find a redeeming quality in the film except the shooting location which was under utilized. Whoever is writing Phillipe's positive reviews clearly have more talent with diction than he does. While Phillipe has been in a couple decent films, this was quite far from one of them. He is certainly not a screen writer. He is even less a director. I hope he didn't produce this bomb because it is frankly laughable. The dialogue- pedestrian. The character development- virtually none to speak of and only exists as a cheap parody of stereotypes. The plot- an uninspired remake of hundreds of episodes you might see on any Lifetime TV series. In short... It's a large turd. So do yourself the courtesy of a preemptive courtesy flush and save yourself the smell of complete and utter desperation.

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