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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 6 / 10 / 10

the rabbit-proof fence didn't work

In summer, 2003, I took a class about Australian cinema. We watched films like "Walkabout", "Gallipoli" and "Rabbit-Proof Fence"; it might have thrown a wrench in the works had we watched "Celia". At the video/DVD store, I found it under the horror section, but it's only a horror flick in the loosest terms. The movie deals with a nine-year-old girl (Rebecca Smart) in 1950s Australia whose amorality and alienation from society drive her to complete madness; I think that that was the plot. Certainly it's ugly what Celia does, but seeing what the adults around her are like, I felt that I had no choice except to root for Celia. The historical context involves the Cold War and the government's efforts to stop the rabbit infestation. As people tell Celia not to fraternize with children of communists, she grows more and more disenchanted with the world around her - after all, friends are supposed to be friends no matter what the parents' political activity. But when a cop takes away her pet rabbit, she really gets nasty (it also shows that the rabbit-proof fence that lent its name to the 2002 movie clearly didn't work in holding back the leporid plague). So how to interpret this movie? It looks at face value like one of the many instances of a seemingly cute girl having a not so cute side (think "The Bad Seed"). One might say that the rabbits play a role similar to the ones in "Night of the Lepus" and "Donnie Darko", even though Celia's rabbit doesn't do anything. I guess that it's worth seeing, if only once.

Reviewed by gengar843 8 / 10 / 10

Are communists like fuzzy cute rabbits?

Girl has visions of monsters after her grandma dies, and tho they're not real, she reacts to one of these episodes in violent manner, having endured the loss of her friends, pets, and trust in her father.. communist propaganda makes it seems as if all they want is peace, and everyone else is out to get them.. during the film, analogy to Australian rabbit crisis of the 1950's.. so it's pretty involved, but the punchline is that this makes her into a bad seed, environment over genetics.. great acting, good subplots and characterization, and turmoil galore.. is this a horror film? Psychologically so, because Celia becomes the thing she claims to have hated.

Reviewed by Johan_Wondering_on_Waves 8 / 10 / 10

Great drama with some interesting horror elements

Story in short. Celia Carmichael lives with her parents in a small village in Australia during the fifties. It starts sad as her grandmother dies with who she had a close bond (shown in a few flashbacks). She finds comfort with their new neighbours: a family with 3 kids and in a cute rabbit which she gets as birthday present. However several conflicts arise as her father doesn't want her to play with the neighbour's kids any more as their parents are communists. Because of a rabbit plague the police is also trying to confiscate the rabbits of all rabbit owners. Last but not least Celia and her friends are in a feud with some classmates lead by Stephanie Burke daughter of the local police officer. Why is Celia such an interesting character? Well the director(and actress) does a hell of a job showing how versatile Celia as lead actually is. She can be a pretty bad girl when things don't go her way even though she is not the girl to pull pranks on others. She only acts with a certain revenge when she feels they did her or her friends injustice. On the other hand she also shows a very caring side in her scenes with her pet rabbit, how she stands up for her neighbours. And not to forget like every child she has fears which are cleverly shaped by some creepy muddy monsters, gotten from a story the school teacher read to the kids before the holidays started. No those monsters are not the real horror elements they exist only in her dreams and imagination. But the more disappointments she endures the more real they seem to become for her. The real horror elements are shown in a few strong scenes which left quite some impression on me. I'm not going to give them away, without any gore or violence involved they struck me quite hard. It eventually leads to Celia doing a terrible thing and despite it was wrong I just couldn't condemn her. In the end only her best friend Heather was witness of Celia's crime even though I had the feeling her mother also found out.

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