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Reviewed by Floated2 4 / 10 / 10

Original but leads nowhere

Chaos Theory is a relatively unknown independent drama starring Ryan Reynolds. The acting in this film remains good and watchable and although the overall plot seems original, it does not head in places where it could have been completely interesting and intriguing. A lot of the characters are awful people, mainly the supporting cast of Emily Mortimer and Stuart Townsend's character. Though the film is short in runtime and feels as if some plot points are added to fill up time. It feels like a sitcom television episode at certain points. There is a reason as to why Chaos Theory has become forgettable and is mainly recommend fora one time watch. The message of the film appears to be that one little change (such as changing clocks forward) can affect a person's entire outcome of life.

Reviewed by eric262003 10 / 10 / 10

Plothole City Comes Alive Here

As much as I enjoy the romantic comedy in all its formulaic glory, I was hoping to enjoy "Chaos Theory". I felt that Ryan Reynolds was custom made to play the part of neurotic public speaker Frank Allen as he conveys the emotion and general likeness that the character possesses. The sad news is that this low-budgeted obscure romantic comedy is an illogical and incoherent mess. Everyone may look at this movie in different ways and your opinions whether you agree or disagree with me will be respected no matter what, but I just don't see how anyone would give this movie a perfect ten or let alone an eight star rating. The acting which was the least worst thing about this movie only can rendered as average to say the least. The movie's plot seems very disorganized and unsettling throughout and the conflicts within the characters lack in anything considered logical. It also can't decide on a specific genre leaving us scratching our heads in utter confusion. What is the genre? Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? I could never come up with what it's intended to be. To be blunt, this is not Ryan Reynolds' defining moments in his cinematic career and maybe you might like the movie if you can not think the notion about how this movie is just one big of time. The opening scenes kick off in a tasteless perspective as a group of chums are talking about retarded nonsense like giving names to their genitals. But the worst part of it all is they all have given them names. Talk about insulting one's intelligence. While at a New Year's Eve party, A woman named Susan (Emily Mortimer) has a resolution to find someone to love and to marry and of course we all know her intentions are to marry Frank (thanks to the traditional usage of sound reasoning you only find in movies) which makes this gimmick both overdone and stale. Several years later, Frank's life take a turn in a new and very disappointing turn as he arrives late to get on the ferry. How aquatic transportation operates is above my head, but it's stupid that the guy who rides the ferry would not let Frank on. There was no reason for that. It was no like they were other people in back of Frank and they didn't raise the ramps yet so there was no reason for depriving Frank from getting on the ferry. Plus he would have to wait another hour before getting on the next one. There was no excuse to let one more person aboard the ferry. Sure it's a minor quip but the whole script felt like it was written by a high school student working on a class project. It was that amateur. The movie just runs under the ninety minute mark which is fine for a low-budget romantic comedy, but there are two very distracting subplots that upstage the main plot of the story that goes on for way too long. When Frank drives a pregnant lady (Jocelyne Loewen) to the hospital we are enlightened to over three minutes of him telling her to breathe. And then there's the convoluted subplot where we discover that the daughter he thought was biologically his was really not because he's got Klinefelter's syndrome. In laymen's terms he's sterile. And to top that all off we see our principal character on a melancholy stroll to the lake where he bawls in tears which goes on for another three more minutes. Please stop the torture. In addition Frank is vexed that Susan tweaked his alarm clock ten minutes late tarnishing his punctual reputation which leads him to succumb to withdrawn activities like drinking and chasing after an attractive young blond (Sarah Chalke) and almost succeeded in getting in bed with her. Here we see another plot hole as to why would a devoted father want to commit an act of promiscuity with another woman as to wound his psychological wounds? Let alone have his friend Buddy (Stuart Townsend) there (who seems to arbitrarily act flirty towards his wife), but it's all null and void because in the end, he never nails her anyways so what's the point? All it sums up to is one pointless cliché that served no purpose to the story. Another deterring scene that made my blood boil was when the nurse who delivered the pregnant lady's baby seemed to mysteriously know Frank and Susan's phone number and when she tried to call Frank to tell her the news he was not available at the time. The nurse as professional as can be, thought Frank was the father and that's when all hell broke loose. She now thinks he's living a double life behind her back and she kicks him to the curb. If he's sterile and can't have kids then who's the biological father to Jesse? Anyhow, Buddy tries to persuade Susan that Frank loves her and is an honest one-woman man. His dialogue provided was weak and very stone-faced. Up until then, his character was drier then a two week old prune. And how did the pregnant woman know where where Frank lived when she left the hospital. Baffling! Another illogical scenario is that a week before her marriage to Frank, she slept with Buddy and when Frank points that out, she made the excuse that it was done after he promised to faithful to her. We also see at the beginning how the groom is having second thoughts in marrying his fiancé because during a temporary break-up she made romance to another guy. Then his friend has the audacity to say that it's normal and that he's lucky to have her. Seriously? This guy needs better friends and an honest lady or just stay a single for life. This movie is frustrating.

Reviewed by christos-konstantaras 10 / 10 / 10

A really touching movie

I guess that many movies affect you by the mood you are in at that point. Having said this, it is apparent why I after watched it for the third time gave it a 10. It is a very touching movie, that even though it has a comic feeling to it, the underlying real feel, is that it has a very serious touch to it, involving parenting, love, best friends, work, LIFE, and how these things can get turned upside down by a small change in our lives, that one moment. A change that can happen to any of us, one moment can flip all our truths, believes, routines, lives... A movie worth watching, it will move you, if not today, maybe in the future and you will want to watch it again in the future.

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