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Dilyana Bouklieva as Incident cop #5
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rubysharpstone 5 / 10 / 10

Don't get fooled

Don't get fooled by the reviews and awards. This is another over-hyped horror by the studio. So many of these always. It only gets hype because hipsters think its cool to like any film that is foreign that's all. I know that this is English language but you will have to watch it with subtitles when the accents are so heavy. Sometimes I couldn't even understand what they are saying. Some english cops chase a killer who is also a demon. It's okay. Not scary and boring most of the time. 2 good scenes and okay acting or I would score it even less. Cheap looking. If you want to watch great foreign horror you should watch J-Horror instead. They do it so much better. I will make a list.

Reviewed by bobbygarlandson 8 / 10 / 10

Great UK Horror

Sometimes you have the most fun through accidental circumstances. I admit I watched this because I was forced by a friend who usually has very bad taste! I hope he is reading this. Maybe he has found me one of my favorites of the year. English detectives chase a killer that may or may not be a demon. Can you guess the twist? Sometimes obvious but also very good fun. Lots of black humor and a heavy creepy atmosphere throughout with strong surrealism. Strong Argento and Bava influences in presentation. If you are a fan you will love this. The London location is cool. The villain is very entertaining and old school diabolical! I have lived and worked in London and I tell you both are accurate! Haha. I watched this in America but can't find anywhere in Germany. What gives? I think this would play very well here and England is a lot closer than New York. Also, I want to watch it again when I am not drunk to make sure I enjoyed it as much as I did. It's one of those !

Reviewed by bnitcamela 8 / 10 / 10

I can't believe this thing only gets 4.4

In an absolute vacuum, with no other reviews or movies to go on, this gets a 9/10 easily. The acting is very good, the film is well made and there are bits of humor throughout. I'm really tough on movies and I thoroughly enjoyed Charismata as a great way to pass a Saturday afternoon.

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