Chavez Cage of Glory

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April 15, 2019


Erika Jordan as Jane
James Russo as Bob Madden
Steven Bauer as Khan Taj
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10 / 10

Low budget affair

This may have some people you have heard of, if you are an avid movie fan (like Steven Bauer to name but one), but it's very poorly made. I do wonder sometimes if people are not better off watching UFC (the real thing) instead. But this also has some back-story, ill son and wife and a brother and ... Well you get the point, there is drama. Not to mention really evil people. So will our main hero be able to withstand all odds? Will the women all be able to cover their naked bodies so the viewer won't see their nipples? Because you realize, that while violence is OK in US movies, under no circumstances should you show a nipple. But apart from that odd fact, the movie is predictable in other regards too. Acting isn't really a strong point, but it does touch some bases of human emotion, so it's not the worst thing ever. It is what it is ...

Reviewed by Fred Morgan 2 / 10 / 10

Watchable but really cheap in production

OK.. Really, when the only close-up of a gun (His Fathers Pistol) is actually a "Crossman' Pellet gun... you know they spared EVERY EXPENSE in making this film. from silly mass spectator cut-aways back to what looks like a garage, music from some cassette player as background music and what appears a a hospital with only 2 nurses and one doctor... /My only quest is what they payed the actors with? Burritos from Taco Bell?? And how did they ever get Danny Trejo??? But in actuality, I made it all the way to the end which is better than you can say for any 4 STAR Asylum Production movie made with a much larger budget, FX, Computer effects, Music and sets... so I rate this a 5 STARS for pure will power to make this film.. With proper $$$ it could have been a "Mexican Rocky. This however does not mean you will be scratching your head as to why did his brother go to the Gang and How this was a sacrifice??

Reviewed by igorce76 2 / 10 / 10

Extremely bad acting

What can I say, just finished watching this movie and I feel that repulsive urge to register so that I could air my view, about this bad film. Sorry to say, this is very predictable story line and unfortunately extremely bad acting, I am bemused how did it get 5.7 stars on IMDb reviews. I would make better movie on £ budget, using my unprofessional camera and my laptop, sorry but this was 1 hrs wasted of my life(skipped 30% of it). Feel sorry for the actors for damaging their careers, honestly very surprised how did this movie made it way to the cinema screens.

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