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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Allaer 7 / 10 / 10

Utterly depressing movie is well-made and well-acted

"Christine" (2016 release; 115 min.) is a movie about the final days of TV news reporter Christine Chubbuck. As the movie opens, we see Christine conduct an imaginary interview with President Nixon, who is under fire for Watergate. It is the summer of 1974, and Christine is a reporter at a small TV station in Sarasota, FL. She is not happy with her role at the station (dreaming to be promoted to a bigger anchoring role), and not happy with her life in general (living with her mom, no romantic interest in her life, etc.). At this point, we are 15 min. into the movie, but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out. Couple of comments: this movie, "based on true events" we are reminded at the beginning, is a stunning look at the downward spiral of a lonely but ambitious woman, who is determined to make it 'big' in the TV news business, yet seemingly can't catch a break. Director Antonio Campos does an excellent job, capturing the zeitgeist of the nation at that time, replicating the looks and feel of the summer of 1974 almost to perfection (including a bunch of radio hits from that era--now sounding pretty horrible). Even though Christine finds some outlets (volunteering at the local children's hospital), it isn't nearly enough to prevent the sad and horrifying ending. Since we all know going in how this is going to end, it makes for a pretty depressing experience, even though the movie itself is quite good. Rebecca Hall shines as Christine, and she carries the movie on her shoulders from start to finish, but equally outstanding is Tracy Lets as her boss Michael, the TV station's manager who keeps urging Christine to "just make your stories juicy" and "if it bleeds, it leads". Guess he never imagined Christine would take that to its ultimate conclusion... "Christine" opened this weekend at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati, and I couldn't wait to see it. The Saturday early evening screening where I saw this at was attended okay, somewhat to my surprise. It looks like there is some interest out there to find out what drove this woman to do what she did. I don't know that I can recommend this movie all that strongly, since this is an utterly depressing viewing experience, but let me be clear that "Christine" is a well-made and well-acted movie for sure.

Reviewed by Mehki_Girl 10 / 10 / 10

So Sorry ****Possible Spoilers***

Sorry, I wanted to be interested in this movie, but it was boring about a boring person. The only thing "interesting" about her, is that she committed suicide on national television. She was boring with terrible delivery skills (if the portrayal is accurate). She was never going to burn up the charts. They way she's played by the actress doesn't help. She's obviously trying to imitate her in some way with this odd, droning voice which sounds fake. The wig is also terrible. Christine may have been a loved and lovely person to the people who knew her, but frankly, filming her life and making a movie of it would be like filming mine. Who gives a happy crap? A film of me going to work and being annoyed by my idiot bosses and doing some nice stuff for kids would bore everyone on this planet (including me). Very nice, but not interesting. Neither my life to others or hers to me. The background music was annoying. I hate when movies based in the 70's constantly have the music or sitcoms from that era playing in the background, loudly, drowning out dialogue. We get it. It's the 70's. Now turn off the dial. We can see the cloths, hairstyles, awful makeup, cars, and crappy, ugly furniture. We get it already. Play some of the music from that period during the opening and closing credits. Every once in a while in the movie, play a few bars, but this movie laid it on thick, which tells me it was desperate. Maybe because in reality, she was boring, had a crappy job like the rest of us, and zero personality on TV? BTW she may have been depressed, may have had bipolar disorder, but I'm seeing Asperger's. Interesting note, she died a virgin, had a love interest who died in a car accident. He was Jewish and apparently her dad was vehemently opposed. Her brother also hated her crush at the office. The tape is in safekeeping and never will be shown as it was never recorded on VHS and the family (smart move) took legal action to keep it out of the hands of the pubic. (This according to a recent interview with her brother.*) The suicide scene was anticlimactic in a movie that was anticlimactic from the first scene. In a way, it was done well as they could have entirely exploited it by showing in it slow motion, up close, repeating it and they did none of that. I do wonder if ruined by years of watching fake deaths on TV, seeing someone shoot themselves, who actually did it in real life and it doesn't register says something really awful about a society that does love blood and guts. Don't blame the media. Blame us. We got just want we asked for. Think about it. *Tip to family, if you have a troubled family member, butting in their business about love interests doesn't help someone who already had poor social skills. We know you mean well, but you only isolate an already isolated person with difficulties relating to people further. What are they going to do when you die? Live and let live. And don't be so selfish. It's not your life. It's theirs. Sorry Christine...I'm sure you were lovely, but your life was boring.

Reviewed by thesteffigrace 10 / 10 / 10

A Real Look Into Depression

I have to start by saying that all the negative reviews calling the film "boring," "too slow," or "uninteresting" must have been submitted by people who have not experienced this kind of mental illness first hand. I have, and the way this story was told hit the nail on the head. This film may be uncomfortable for some to watch due to the subject matter, but the slow, grinding, gutwrenching nature of depression was beautifully captured in Christine. If you've ever been to that dark place of desparation, then you'll appreciate this film. I already knew how the story was going to end, which made it even harder to watch at times, especially since I knew it was based on the true story of Christine Chubbuck, the news anchor who shot herself in the head on live television. Watching Christine teeter back and forth between the hope of bettering her circumstances, and the painful descent back down brought me to tears at times. One scene that really caught me was at around three-quarters into the movie. In the middle of conducting an interview, she has a temporary mental breakdown. She calmly tells the interviewee that they will continue the interview at a later date, and leaves the room. She runs into the bathroom and cracks, bursting into a tormented sob session. The moment her friend runs in and asks if she's okay, Christine instantaneously straightens herself up and says she's fine. A moment like that is even more haunting knowing that eventually, Christine will later take her own life with the cameras rolling, and all aimed at her.

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