Christmas at Dollywood


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10 / 10

Charmless Dollywood

2019 generally was not a particularly good year for Hallmark Christmas films, there certainly were some pleasant surprises sure but most were mixed bags or mediocre at best and didn't have much different from their Christmas output from previous years. 'Christmas at Dollywood' was actually one of my more anticipated viewings, as it contained a great setting and it is always a pleasure to see and hear Dolly Parton. Even if the story didn't sound much special. 'Christmas at Dollywood' was a disappointment. While not quite one of Hallmark's all time worst Christmas films, it is down there with their worst ones for 2019. There are a few good things, though you have to get through to towards the end to see the best thing of the film. Sadly, almost all of the crucial elements to get right are badly executed and in my mind 'Christmas at Dollywood's' interest points are squandered and deserved better. As said, not everything is bad. It is beautifully photographed and the Dollywood setting has a real festive magic about it. Some of the soundtrack is very pleasant and nostalgic. Parton herself is delightful and gives the only good performance in 'Christmas at Dollywood'. Which is why it is sad that she doesn't have anywhere near enough screen-time, when she is on screen though she really does shine and shows real professionalism, charm and sparkle lacking with everyone else. Danica McKellar's performance is basically a samey and somewhat tired variation of the type of role one usually sees her in, and am not sure as to whether Hallmark keep putting her in the same type of role because they don't want to stretch her acting abilities or whether it's typecasting. Typecasting is not always bad, quite a number of actors have one particular role that plays to their strengths and showcase particularly well what they are so strong at and come back to it every now and then, the difference though is how good an actor/actress is at a certain typecast role. McKellar has always varied in this regard, sometimes she's charming and at other times she overdoes it or is too predictable and the latter is the case here. She does fare a little better though than Niall Matter, who looks truly indifferent throughout, mumbles and lumbers his way through his role and is so unappealing in a role meant to be likeable but acted with such dreariness. It is hard to buy what anybody sees in the character, with Matter portraying him in such a dull and phoned in way. McKellar and Matter also have no chemistry whatsoever together, absolutely nothing sparkles between them and they never look as though they are in love. They even look awkward together and found myself unable to root for either of them. None of the other actors stand out in underwritten Hallmark stereotypes passing for characters, only Parton impresses. The direction is routine and other parts of the music needed a lot more subtlety in tone and placement. The script is as stilted and forced as McKellar and Matter's chemistry and is also as watery as melted ice. Other than the setting, the story has a lot of dull stretches and there is nowhere near enough of it to sustain the length, it feels over-stretched and lifeless and has no charm or heart to it. With it being yet another Christmas film to consist of pretty much constantly recycled ideas and doing nothing fresh with them (excepting Dollywood and Parton), making the film feels excessively predictable and tired too. Summing, pretty weak. 3/10

Reviewed by sunwarrior13 4 / 10 / 10

Dollywood Romance Is Lacking

Danica McKellar and Niall Matter star in this Hallmark Christmas movie entitled,"Christmas In Dollywood". Dolly Parton makes an appearance in the movie. This is a typical Hallmark by-the-numbers Christmas movie tells the story of a New York event planner Rachel Lewis,who returns to Tennessee to arrange the event of the Christmas celebration at Tennessee particularly at Dollywood. As expected,we get to see her nostalgic feeling towards the return to her small town and Rachel gets paired with the head of operations of Dollywood in Luke Hackman for the said event. A romance is expected to develop as they work together and before the credit rolls,we know what is going to happen in the end. What is important in this types of movie to make it refreshing is on the hands of the lead cast - McKellar and Matter particularly the journey that the characters make for their blossoming romance. Too bad that their characters - Rachel and Luke - are somewhat lacking as the viewers will not feel interest on them. Their lack of chemistry is evident. Even the use of Dollywood could not make up for it. Nor the celebration of Christmas in it. Nor would the presence of Dolly Parton.

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10 / 10

Boring story

Danica is cute but apart from a few Songs sung by Dolly there isn't enough of her. A few minutes at the end. The story is boring. Dollywood looks okay the parade nice. Not too unique just a nice generic theme park set romance.

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