Christmas at Rosemont



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Ayla Kell as Sable
Lauren York as Carolyn
Michael Gross as Graham Moore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by youngbooty 10 / 10 / 10


This is one of those that will fill your heart with love and peace goes to show you never know who you might meet or what your life has in store for you it makes you wish life could turn out just like it does in the movies check it out you won't be sorry

Reviewed by nammage 10 / 10 / 10

Trapped at Rosemont

Two haunting stories: the first from Josephine (Grace Zabriskie -- Norma Rae, An Officer and a Gentleman, Fried Green Tomatoes) who has experienced a loss in her past that turns her into a bitter old woman. The second from Lisa (Ayla Kell -- "Make It or Break It") who is pregnant and trying to get away from the guy who impregnated her because he wants to sell the baby when it's born. Lisa hitches a ride with Brad (Brendan Michael Coughlin -- "Days of Our Lives") and they crash during a snowstorm and end up at a closed up and debilitating lodge called Rosemont. Brad and Lisa are greeted by shotguns. This is where the great character actor Brad Dourif comes in as Abe. Dourif has been in many films and shows dating back to the 1970s. Not all great films but still...very eclectic in the roles he performs. This role I found a bit beneath his talent. I'd say he plays a drunk but he sounds sober all the time. He drinks all the time in the film but he never seems drunk. At first things are rocky between the four but then the next morning everything's basically okay. The tragedy that befell Josephine is revealed as being the loss of her family in horrible circumstances. There's a slight twist that is revealed in that revelation when it's told, and normally I'd say but this film, even with the cheap dialogue, wooden acting, and plain photography, this film really isn't that bad. Lochlyn Munro (A Night at the Roxbury) plays the father of the baby, Craig and Michael Gross ("Family Ties") makes an appearance. Overall it was a nice film. It wasn't great but it was good enough to keep my attention throughout. 7/10

Reviewed by jbcnh 10 / 10 / 10

Surprise Story

This was a surprisingly sweet movie that I loved all the way through. Every time I thought something awful or dangerous would happen, it didn't! During a horrible snow storm, two young people, two old(er) folks and a few other assorted people are brought together in way no one could imagine. Their actions and reactions to each other were really fun to see and around every turn there was another surprise I didn't see coming. I ended up loving all the people & their stories and wish I could see more of what's going to happen to them all. I highly recommend this movie to everyone who likes just enough suspense to keep you interested in what can happen when strangers meet. There is no r-rated language or sex in this movie - so refreshing!

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