Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10 / 10

Good creature effects n good action but marred by confusing story n pg13 kills.

The film starts well but slows down during the middle act. Also it moves between flashbacks which may confuse some viewers. The effects of the creatures and action were good but most of the things were offscreen n the kills were mild. Mayb the makers were happy with pg13. I have been a lil generous with a 7 cos of the creature effects n Yao Chen's luscious lips.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 7 / 10 / 10

Classic case of style over substance with modern eye candy

This movie is a prime example on how a few good individual parts alone can't make a great movie. It has arguably one of the better animations from Chinese films, gorgeous cinematography and intriguing occult mystery premise, yet the plot is thin and superficial. If a comparison could be made, the movie resembles video game, it literally jumps through outlandishly eye-catching set pieces and while they might look attractive, the working narrative is extremely disjointed. Story mainly follows Hu Bayi as a member of archaeology team sent to uncover ancient secrets. He then meets with Yang Ping, the love interest and soon enough become the reason he volunteers for more dangerous mission. Eventually, the team finds creatures, relics, disasters and all sorts of oddities that the movie barely explains. Characters are ridiculously plain. Hu Bayi himself mostly follows order and narrates the plot while the heroine Yang Ping is depicted as mysterious female. These personalities are lacking depth, especially when the movie introduces a couple of comic reliefs that don't matter much for story. The plot has the same problems from Jackie Chan's The Myth from years ago, it's too flamboyant for the sake of fantasy appeal that it doesn't have much continuity or clarity. It merely throws around some over-the-top fantasy gibberish to usher in new shiny sequences. Fortunately, it does have some flashy spectacles. There's a clear investment on the visual presentation. The scenes are gorgeous, be it may the blue horizon from snow mountain or the trek across the desert. It's set in the right era with good nods to ancient trinkets and modern vibe, almost looking like The Mummy franchise for costume and design. Cinematography takes full advantage of the exotic location, the lightning, buildings and even details like banners or furniture add to the atmosphere. Special effect is top notch, there are a few moments when the cameras pan to the beasts and you can see the fur waving around in the wind or how the chains rattle on their neck. It's a definite improvement from stiff CG many Chinese movies used even in last year. There's a bit of imperfection with the editing and practical effect, but when the overall scene looks so inviting, it's entirely forgivable. In the end Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe will leave audience with many aesthetically pleasing stages and also unsatisfied feeling on the story.

Reviewed by kluseba 7 / 10 / 10

Atmosphere, pace and special effects compensate for a predictable story and average acting performances

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe is a fantasy movie based upon Tianxia Bachang's novels about a nurse and a soldier that team up to raid tombs. It's interesting to note that another movie about the novels entitled Mojin: The Lost Legend was released less than three months after this movie. There are actually two different production companies. One owns the rights for the first few novels, the other for the more recent novels. That's why both movies aren't directly connected and even slightly contradictory at times. This movie here focuses on the first novel and shows us how the two main characters actually meet. Many contemporary Chinese fantasy movies suffer from terrible special effects that look extremely artificial and wooden. This isn't the case for Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe. The action sequences are captivating, the costumes, landscapes and relics look stunning and even the monsters look rather scary. The movie has a very strong introduction that develops a mysterious atmosphere that makes me think of Indiane Jones or Tomb Raider video games. Our two main characters discover the remnants of a mysterious and dangerous civilization in an ancient tunnel system in northern China. It's quite gripping to watch our main characters discover creepy skeletons, face aggressive butterflies and run away from a massive avalanche in a very fast-paced way. The movie loses some significant momentum after these opening sequences. The story shifts several years forward multiple times which is slightly confusing. The story also gets quite predictable. Some terrifying monsters related to the mysterious civilization have escaped and attack an oil town in a desert. Our main character will go on the mission to find a mysterious professor, fight the monsters and prevent the evil ancient civilization to break its curse and enslave mankind. The last third of the movie quickens up the pace a little bit. The fight scenes in the oil town are gripping and the clashes between the ancient civilization and those who accompany our protagonist are entertaining, intense and include a few minor twists. The conclusion itself is somewhat disappointing though because several questions are left unanswered. Since the movie is based upon a novel that had numerous sequels, it seems probable that there will be more movies about this story line in the future. If you want to watch a single movie with a coherent story line from the introduction to the conclusion, you shouldn't watch this film in the first place. While the movie has a mysterious atmosphere, a solid pace and great special effects, it's lacking in the acting department. Mark Chao's acting performance as the protagonist is average at best as it doesn't leave a deeper impression. Chen Yao as female lead isn't quite convincing even though her character has more depth. The romantic relationship between the two characters happens so quickly and unexpectedly that it's not credible. The supporting actors and actresses are doing a solid job but there isn't one performance that really stands out. Despite the movie's flaws concerning the acting performances and a story that is too closely inspired by numerous other archaeological fantasy stories, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe is still an overall entertaining and convincing film thanks to its atmosphere, pace and special effects. The film should get more praise than it gets. It might not be the most innovative genre movie but it's clearly more interesting than Hollywood's fantasy reboots in the key of Kong: Skull Island and other shallow flicks.

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