Clash of the Dead

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Reviewed by arfdawg-1 2 / 10 / 10


The Plot. Yet another found footage movie this time about lost WW2 soldiers who turn out to be zombies. Oh boy. Everything about it stinks. Even the fake camera glitches. It sucks. 77 minutes long and it feels like you've been watching for 36 hours. It's formulaic and predictable. It goes on and on and nothing happens. There director's idea of action is having the actors pretend they are out of breath. Midway into this movie they go underground and it's so dark you cant see a thing. OMG, it's so horrible.

Reviewed by richardhoughton 2 / 10 / 10

My review

The person who watched this obviously hates or dislikes found footage horrors as he tore this movie apart. Its not that bad. it was watchable, not the best movie ever but the guy who wrote his review said nothing happens and boring. Things do happen, they have zombies that attack the characters and there is some blood yes. I watched it and didn't mind it, although i have seen worse movies. the tunnels part? the reviewer said its so dark you cannot see? the characters had lights and torches so what is he complaining about? you can see what they are doing? I give this movie a 4.6 out of 10, it was watchable and characters were OK, i liked the lead reporter lady she did a good job at presenting, i may get people saying, this movie was bad, but this is my opinion which everyone is entitled to. worth watching!

Reviewed by rushknight 2 / 10 / 10

Weak all around

Found footage features depend on one thing above all: believability. Almost every found footage movie begins by giving you some indication that the footage was discovered and "compiled" by authorities, then later leaked to the general masses. In short, it's a documentary. This illusion is generally effective when dealing with anything possible (floods, natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, serial killers), but becomes weak and convoluted when faced with anything improbable (zombies, vampires, ghosts). As this is a zombie feature, believability is already at stake. The initial implication that this is "real" immediately makes no impression. It comes off as merely routine. Shortly after, other factors follow that contribute nothing to believability, and yet continue to be standards in found footage movie making: 1. Too many camera angles to be possible for one camera. 2. Sound is too consistent as the scenes jumps back and forth between angles. An impossibility for one camera. 3. Lighting is too good to be real. It's clearly studio work. 4. The camera continually falls into the perfect position for filming, even though no one is thinking about it or even using it. 5. The fact that the camera is still on! 6. There's even a scene where the camera itself is videoed! Are you kidding me? Really??? 7. All the digitally induced fuzz doesn't even look remotely real, or even have a reason for happening. 8. There's a soundtrack. Nice of the authorities to put that in so that viewers of their documentary will be more interested. Then there's the acting, and the plot.. I'll just sum it all up with "It's unconvincing." All of these little pieces simply do not add up, instead the movie suffers from the greatest weakness a movie can suffer from: It was boring. Oh, and it finishes with some grinding electric guitar music, which is the only true constant in zombie films.

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