Clifford the Big Red Dog


Adventure / Animation / Comedy

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November 11, 2021



Danielle Guldin as Aerial Helicopter Reporter
Karen Lynn Gorney as Mrs. McKinley
Marko Caka as Scientist
Russell Peters as Malik
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonasatmosfera 1 / 10 / 10

The big evil corporations....

It is funny that nowadays vilains are usually big corporations run by white men. Oh, well... For the lack of a better idea of because of laziness on the writer's part we have another film where the main vilain is yet again, you guessed, a big evil tech corporation. Of course, they are after our gargantuan but friendly canine. Haven't we seen this same plot millions of times before? If we substitute the companionable pooch by a cute alien, a kid with some special power, bigfoot's offsprings, a unfrozen caveman, a misplaced baby dinosaur, etc. The story is still the same. What is even funnier is that Holywwod itself is composed by a large number of evil coporations run by very rich white men. All in all, Clifford lacks everything even remotely related to originality. I guess it is an OK film for a not-so-demanding four-year-old child.

Reviewed by benjaminskylerhill 7 / 10 / 10

Well, it was better than Eternals

All jokes aside, what did you expect from this? This is a really silly, quite stupid, fast-paced movie that has a great deal of heart and not a lot of sense to it. It's purely inoffensive. It's dumb and frantic enough for young children yet I was surprised at how many of the jokes landed for me as an adult. I didn't hate it. I enjoyed myself. It's a fun, forgettable time.

Reviewed by statuskuo 7 / 10 / 10

Hey Girrrrrrl

Clifford The Big Red Dog is indicative of the Boomer generation creation that becomes iconic, in terms of its simplicity. He is big...he is red and he is a dog, no doubt. The 60's, where the books come from, have this sensibility. Making the most basic things blow up in popularity. Though the movie takes place in present day New York City, this movie definitely belongs in a different generation. One that requires that a man who lives in his cube truck be gleefully unapologetic about his lot in life, or that a paralegal and her daughter can afford to live in a large Harlem apartment. Or that everyone in the neighborhood are mystically whimsical and light, then this movie is for you. It may as well be a musical. The story is of a girl for which magic works, and if your brain doesn't accept this, then this film is not for you. I happen to miss this level of innocence. It lacks the cynicism to which politics have ruined everything. It just wants you to like it. Much like Clifford. He is sweet, wide-eyed and has no clue why he is seen as abnormal. Isn't that what we all want? Special kudos to John Cleese speaking lines that would die in any other actor's mouth. Everyone in this flick just seems so happy to do something this light. I genuinely enjoyed this movie and found myself smiling. And that is all that is required.

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