Coastal Elites

Comedy / Drama / TV Movie

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Bette Midler as Wedding Guest
Dan Levy as Mark Hesterman
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Sarah Paulson as Luci Baines Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ozjosh03 9 / 10 / 10

Turning rage into art

I'd read a few snooty reviews that dismissed Coastal Elites as smug, self-satisfied, preaching to the choir... etc. The predictable put-downs of critics and commentators who always have to know better. In fact, it's smart, incisive, extremely timely and ultimately quite moving - and while being simultaneously depressing and uplifting. It's exactly the kind of whip-smart political theatre we need right now, when we can't even go to a theatre. Bette Midler is her usual powerhouse self as Miriam, a feisty Jewish momma who channels the collective rage at he who shall not be named. Dan Levy gives a nuanced turn as an actor with mixed feelings about his auditions for a gay superhero. And Kaitlyn Dever gives a restrained, yet masterful performance as a nurse on the front line. All five monologues are exceptionally well-written and brilliantly acted. And all the dopey 1/10 reviews from witless MAGA-hat wearing morons only go to prove that they are, as ever, utterly clueless and doomed to wallow in their cluelessness forever.

Reviewed by danwelch-00678 9 / 10 / 10

Daniel Levy Steals The Show

Everyone in this unusual film is good, although Bette Midler is a bit "Bette Midlery" (but how could she not be?) But the standout is Daniel Levy, whose work I only know from Schitt's Creek. He's really good.

Reviewed by Kimfuqua 9 / 10 / 10

Loved it. Such great writing and acting.

Each of the five pieces is a tour de force. The writing and the acting are incredible and it all fits together powerfully in the end. I recommend viewers watch it in a quiet place where they can really pay attention and appreciate the performance. This isn't a show that will do well in a room of distractions.

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