Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County


Comedy / Western

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April 1, 2019



Jack Elam as Otto
Jim Backus as Mitch Davis
Susan Saint James as Vivian Whitney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonellinon 8 / 10 / 10

Good stuff

I saw this movie maybe twice--once in the theater and once on TV--all over 30 years ago. Then I obtained a very good VHS copy and it is in my collection. It is very good and deserves a release in some form. I enjoyed some very comic moments: Jack Elam plays a half-crazed, legally blind bounty hunter with thick spectacles, teaching his finger how to read a wanted poster; Jack Cassidy ends up in jail and loses his temper because the one locking him up is too stupid to understand he's got the wrong man; Nannette Fabray gives the burly Dan Blocker a big roundhouse punch which seals their romance. The plot is a classic: a mail-order bride no-show motivates the town to fix their only blacksmith up with a saloon girl substitute, who just arrives in town. There a lot of subplots that are slapstick. The scenes between Fabray and her hostess where Fabray reveals that she's unexpectedly fallen in love with the gentle giant of a blacksmith; and the scenes between Fabray and Blocker are quite good and are what makes this film better even than what its writer or director probably intended. I would have directed Fabray to keep in mind that her character--while probably matching Fabray's intelligence and robustness but not her sophistication--is not accustomed to having such deep feelings. Perhaps a scene or two more to contrast her relationship to Panama Jack with her newly-discovered capacity to deeply love a man who is not a Western stereotype (but probably closer to the majority of men actually living in the post-Civil War West), the unarmed, simple rough-cut but still part of Victorian America--blacksmith named Charlie. This movie is a hidden gem because it's a product of an old-school cast that whose careers started in an era where actors cared deeply about their work. I cannot see today's TV or movie crowd making such a movie without treating the subject matter and their characters as beneath them--or adding unneeded sex scenes, more violence, profanity, politics and message--so that they could show their constituent audiences, or their equally cynical paymasters, that they're determined to be "realistic." Folks, get a copy of this if you can; it's worth it.

Reviewed by keakakui 10 / 10 / 10

Some great life lessons in a feel-good movie

I absolutely adore this movie, and am so sad that it isn't available on VHS, laserdisc, DVD or any premium channels to speak of, since I tend not to watch movies on channels with commercials. Packed with great laughs and touching performances, the movie teaches some of life's great lessons about beauty truly being in the eye of the beholder, love, stereotyping, and yes, even Christianity and forgiveness. My fondest wish is that someone from the Westerns channel would happen onto this gem and pick it up for broadcast during family viewing hours. Maybe even on DVD???? Pop the popcorn, light the fire, and settle in for a feel-good movie that doesn't rely on pyrotechnics, violence, sex or foul language to define "entertainment value."

Reviewed by cusdon-1 10 / 10 / 10

Great Feel Good Movie!

I remember seeing this movie at the drive-in theater when I was a kid. It was both entertaining and innocent. I wish it was available today on DVD. It had some really great stars of the era. It was especially great to see Dan Blocker in a humorous, sensitive movie role. If you enjoyed Dan Blocker in 'Bonanza', I believe you will find him even more enjoyable in his role in this movie. There were great performances by supporting comic actors also. I can't remember if it was a Disney film, but it reminds me of some of the later Disney works such as 'The Apple Dumpling Gang', mostly because of the type of comic support appearing in both movies. It's probably too innocent for today's kids, but us older kids will enjoy watching it.

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