Color of Night

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September 3, 2019



Eriq La Salle as Bruford Jamison Jr
Jane March as Sister Noell
Lance Henriksen as Captain Houdee
Lesley Ann Warren as Kathleen McCarthy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yogi-3 7 / 10 / 10

Suspense, Mystery, Sex, and Violence, what more can you ask for?

This is a favorite movie of my wife and I. It stands up to our toughest test, i.e., it stands up to repeated viewing and seems better each time we watch it. Some object to the sex and violence but `get a life' it's just a movie,(as Lt. Hector Martinez (Ruben Blades)) would say `you Daffodils!'

Reviewed by jubjub-bird359 7 / 10 / 10

A bit far-fetched, but enjoyable

Looking at the other reviews, this film is like marmite - you either like it or hate it! I liked it quite a lot. Bruce Willis is quite enjoyable - you could compare it to The Sixth Sense - he's a therapist in that one too. It's the kind of film where there are preposterous moments that make you smile, but there's enough good acting to outweigh that. Is it 'so bad, it's good'? - Yes at times it falls into that category - especially in the closing scenes. However, lots of credit to Jane March... call me slow on the uptake if you like, but I had no inkling that Ritchie/Rose are the same actress till the end. One thing that lets it down is the music - fairly corny at times, could have been much improved with a more original score. I think Dale should have risen one more time from the dead, to make it a truly 'so bad it's good' film!

Reviewed by smatysia 7 / 10 / 10

Not as bad as all that

This film isn't nearly as bad as IMDb users made me think it was. Yes, there were a couple of fairly ludicrous things late in the movie, such as climbing the tower for no apparent reason, (but remember, that character was a loon) and especially the red Firebird on the top of the parking garage. I have an idea why these things were forced into the movie. Probably just because someone (Rush?) thought it would be cool to photograph. It's sort of like porn, where the most common positions aren't done to reflect real life, or because they are particularly erotic, or even comfortable, but because they provide the best camera angle. Aside from the last twenty minutes or so, the film was pretty good. Jane March being naked a lot helped, of course. It is odd that Willis' character didn't recognize her in her Bonnie persona while walking past her, she didn't look that different. However, I wouldn't have caught on that she was Richie, also. (NOTE: This is NOT a spoiler, because March is listed as all those characters in the cast list on IMDb, which I saw before viewing the movie.) The film has elements of many different genres, and could be thought of as a psychological thriller, an action movie, a dreamy love story, and a regular murder mystery. Bruce Willis turned in a good performance. As much as I try to dislike his smarmy, perpetual smirk, he has a certain charisma as an actor that I cannot deny. In spite of its flaws, this film is worth a look. Grade: B

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