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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by klovess 1 / 10 / 10

A story of a black man

I truly feel bad for the cast/crew that was involved in making this picture. What could have been a wonderfully told legitimate story of Jesus's life turned out to be just a story of a black man. Due to poor writing/directing, the main focus of the movie was that the Romans were after a black Jew. The story of Jesus is just an afterthought. With things like Mary being turned away from the Inn because she was black, and lines by the centurion "you're not black enough" its not hard not to see how poorly this was put together. The acting wasn't too bad, but many of the accents were poor. It sounded like some of them were French and Scottish, lol. The outdoor sets looked like leftovers from a Xena shoot, but were believable. Some of the indoor sets looked like someone's house with sheets draped on the walls. Not professional at all. I can't recommend this to anyone. Oh, and whats with the "black Jew" having what looked like an acid trip while praying in the garden. His eyes went all wild, he saw 3 moons in the sky, and started thrashing around throwing grass on himself. Bizarre.

Reviewed by pjmartinau 1 / 10 / 10

Awful, unhistorical rubbish, don't waste your time.

It seems the producers of this film thought they needed to alter the Bible in order to make a story that is anti-racist, and promotes racial harmony. Just a pity they couldn't have chosen a story that was actually true and in the Bible (ie., God's judgment of leprosy on Aaron and Miriam for racism towards Moses' black wife). So was Jesus black, white, or something in between? Who knows, and who cares! - the Bible never tells us, and no early historical records describe him. Furthermore no painting were ever done of Jesus until about 400 years after his death and resurrection - so we may never know what Jesus looked like. All we know is that he was a Jew, who would have looked like Jews of the Middle-East (ie. Yemenite Jews). The movie alters the reason for Jesus' death by crucifixion, not unlike a joke I have heard about Jesus ("he must have been black because he was lynched by a mob of white Romans"!). The movie is just lies and propaganda from people who fantasize about Jesus being the race they want him to be.

Reviewed by romanorum1 1 / 10 / 10

Inaccurate and Abominable

It is awfully obvious that the director and writers did not do their homework as this terrible movie is utterly crammed with inaccuracies. Moreover, the movie demonstrates poor production values, amateurish acting, and a scatter-brained script. Had he been cogitative, the inept director could have used any of the gospels as a screenplay. Now the original inhabitants of Palestine / modern Israel may have been Hamitic (black-skinned), but the Israelites who left Egypt pretty well wiped out much of the aboriginal population of that first area (Refer to the Book of Joshua in the Old Testment). By the way, God is not human, and so is neither black nor white. But Mary did come from the line of David (Semetic, not Hamitic). Therefore it is hard to imagine that a sub-Saharan African could play the role of Jesus with credibility. But it is the plot of the movie that plays games with the actual events. There is time to point out only a few errors. The Bible is the source of Christ's passion, and the movie hardly had one legitimate Bible quote. Example: Peter (also a black man in the movie) identified himself as Jesus (to protect him from the soldiers). The movie puts strange words into the mouth of a Roman who says to Peter, "You are not black enough, Jew!" (!) Who researched that? And who researched the so-called love affair between Judas and Mary Magdalene? Note that Jesus never once spoke anything bad against the Romans, and there was no Roman vendetta. Think about this for a moment: Jesus rode triumphantly on a donkey into Jerusalem just a few days before his death. The Romans did not stop him. So What was this Roman manhunt that Jesus ducked to avoid detection? Actually the Bible treats the pagan Romans well. Jesus did not come for them, but for the Jews. If Jesus needed soldiers, He could have summoned legions of angels (as He said). Furthermore, who researched the so-called tension between white and black Jews!? Where is that fable written? Another ridiculous scene: The movie shows Peter holding a knife to Matthew's throat (!) because the latter had implied that Peter was the traitor. Then the movie, contrary to the Bible, had the Romans arrest Jesus. Jesus was in fact arrested by the Temple Guards (Jewish, not Roman). Just read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John for the correct information. In fact, just read the Bible. If you like religious movies, see Franco Zeffirelli's "Jesus of Nazareth" for a superior portrayal. I hope that folks realize that there is a judgment day, and that the spreading of false information about God and the Son may not go well with those who are thus judged.

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