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Amitabh Bachchan as Khudabaksh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvan-desouza 6 / 10 / 10

One of Bachchan's good thrillers

Amitabh Bachchan's career got a new lease after ZANJEER(1973) but then his career had a lull before storm effect with hardly big hits till DEEWAAR(1975) MAJBOOR released in 1974 when Bachchan's other films KASAUTI, BENAAM met with average to below average results ROTI KAPDA AUR MAKAAN was a blockbuster but he had a short role in it MAJBOOR is a thriller like BENAAM which released in the same year The film is a remake of Hollywood film ZIGZAG(1970) yet the film makes for a good thriller with bollywood masala mixed in when required The film starts off well, we are given a glimpse of AB's happy family and then it kick starts with the thriller mode straightaway no forced comedy Romance too is minimal and pleasing, The mystery is well handled and the twists in the tale(tumor and then his arrest) is superbly handled, There are few snags like Pran's character given some superficial traits but yet those are forgiven for 70's films and also it was one of the mass appealing parts those days The film keeps you on tenterhooks mostly though the mystery could be revealed a bit later and better yet for 70s movie it's forgiven again The climax is a bit too difficult to digest and filmy(Pran surviving so long) yet it's well handled Direction by Ravi Tandon is superb Music by LP in limited doses is good, NAHIN MAIN NAHIN DEKH SAKTA is very emotional and brilliantly sung by Kishore, who also sings AADMI JO KEHTA HAI which too is a superb song and rightly placed MICHAEL PEEKE DANGA KARTA HAI is an ode to Goan songs and is fun as well Again Sung by Kishore and Picturised on Pran Action scenes are good Script(Salim Javed) is excellent Amitabh Bachchan excels in his role and portrays his character very well His expressions during the tumor breakdown is superb and he carries the film on his shoulders Parveen Babi in her first film with AB gets nothing much to do and fits in and out when required yet she is okay Pran comes in second half and is likable in his inimitable style though at times his character is shown too filmy and corny Satyen Kapuu is okay, Macmohan annoys with his winny voice Farida Jalal excels as AB's sister, while Master Alankar is superb(He played younger Bachchan in DEEWAAR and many films) Sulochana, Iftekar,Sajan lend adequate support

Reviewed by roopamkhare 10 / 10 / 10

Amitabh at his best

This was the time when people have started recognising amitabh as a bundle of talent and this movie totally testified. Other than amitabh's performance its the story and screenplay of movie which makes it memorable. The way Javed Akhtar got expertise in writing Amitabh's character in that decade was one of the reason he became superstar. This is one of my favourite amitabh's character. He is a very ordinary guy who is tackling with his daily life problems with his sister (played by Farida Zalal) being handicap, comes to know that he is suffering from uncurable brain tumor. To secure his family he plays some risky tricks and ends up getting in trouble. The second part sees Pran coming as savior. Pran and Amitabh are agin seen after zanzeer and their onscreen chemistry is again fabulous. The songs of movie were big hit but movie did average. But its a must to watch movie

Reviewed by santoshini908 10 / 10 / 10

A classical thriller that would remain forever in the Indian Cinema.

The movie is an absolute Hitchock thriller made in a sensitive way.The story of the movie is about a person named Ravi who lives his life with a trouble which he feels that cannot be solved forever.To make his family to live a secured life he plays risky tricks and he goes to jail. In the jail he faces a severe head ache again and he undergoes an operation..After getting completely relieved from his physical trouble he escapes from the jail and fights for his justice. .The second half of the movie is completely thrilling. The movie is of course a tense thriller.The mystery has been cleverly relieved at the end of the movie.The locations where the climax scenes are shot are very fantastic. The thrills in the movie are very new to the Audencies of the Indian Cinema.The songs are also very nice in the movie.Though the movie is an remake of Hollywood movie it enthralls the Audencies of Indian Cinema to a Large extent.This movie will remain as a greater thriller movie in the History of Indian Cinema.

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