Concrete Cowboy



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Jharrel Jerome as Smush
Lorraine Toussaint as Flo Kennedy
Method Man as Tyson 'The Saint' St. James
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Interestedviewer2 4 / 10 / 10

This movie frustrated me

I felt like there were so many things this movie could have provided, if it had a focus. It covered too many areas, as I have already stated. Did the movie want to share with us the story of a) stables in Philadelphia, b) an inner-city kid with urban challenges, c) a father and son rekindling of relationship, d) Black cowboys (and girls), etc. Xa) I lived in Philadelphia and feel sad I never knew about these stables. So, what happened next? Xb) I don't really know what happened to the kid. He loved getting involved with the horses but did become someone who stepped away from the crime world and ended up finishing school and whatever? Xc) mom comes back in the picture. Do mom and dad rekindle their relationship or does she forgive him for being a young "bad ass"? Xd) Don't know... Other problems: Now, as a person who grew up with horses this was really difficult to watch with out actually laughing. A person who has never ridden a horse before cannot suddenly hop on a horse and ride a horse that appears to be needing some serious training. Nope. Never gonna happen. He became an amazing rider immediately. That really bugged me! I have never known of anyone who kept a horse in their house. Never. The horse wouldn't put up with this and I don't understand what the point was for that?!! I guess this is a "feel good movie" but after it was done, I didn't feel good. I felt annoyed and frustrated.

Reviewed by apoianlaw 5 / 10 / 10

Two criticisms of a decent movie. The beginning of the movie should have been better edited and there was a continuity of theme.

I almost stopped watching the slow beginning. The pacing would have improved with the mother explaining what her son did and his past misbehavior.. There is a lack of theme continuity. It is inconsistent the protagonist would allow a dead horse to remain on the property to rot away, if there was a love and respect for horses.

Reviewed by kay-45300 5 / 10 / 10

Missed opportunity to really tell a story.

The film was too long, too predictable and the interaction with the horses was poor - when will directors realise that horses do not make so much noise all the time? Really poor scenes with the boy and the 'wild' horse, terrible continuity- lead rein attached then not attached etc. As an equestrian I was uncomfortable with how the horses were kept, which was not good for the story. The two boys were good, the father's character barely drawn and strange and the ending flimsy. Urban cowboys deserved a better film.

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