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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by isillysquirrel 8 / 10 / 10

Gross-out flick not for a weak stomach, manages to find many ways under your nails

This movie has a subtle message. Through the grimy pipes, spewing pus and cringing stomachs something stands out. It's not aloof or pretentious but still worthy. "Sapere Aude" says the crimson typeface splattered above the pee stained floor; naivety seeks the all knowing book. Words and thoughts of more than the gruesome torture of the mundane. The grimy existence of outcasts an appealing escape. Stories told through a network of interconnected pipes that echo with the ugliness shown behind closed doors. Teetering on the edge of insanity is the mind left to roam. Running only delays the inevitable. Isolation once sacred becomes helplessness anew. Is not entertainment without art?

Reviewed by fart_mike 3 / 10 / 10

Punk rock grime and splatter, watch or die.

Condemned. As you step into the condemned complex, you realize that the building's pipes connect stories, a variety of tales bringing drug related nightmares together in a spirited vortex of slime, sorrow, and scares. A botched batch of contaminated cookies turn an abandoned New York complex into a crazed frenzy of murder, punk paranoia, and more murder, along with puke, punks, Nazi doms and their psychopathic subs, and a brief, yet brilliant turn by indie hero Nick Damici as the building's survivor-in-chief. Dylan "daughter of Sean" Penn's lead as Maya shows expertly how a film debut doesn't have to be a by-the-numbers script read, and a grimy drug-addled triumph by Patty Hearst's (yes, THAT Patty Hearst) daughter Lydia, adds a bit a legacy to an already packed-to-the-gills terror troupe. Comparisons to Troma films are deserved, to a point, yet Condemned takes the pus and gore of Troma and adds a slick legitimacy lacking in current indie creepouts. I was impressed by Eli Gesner's directorial debut, a fun fright flick that can be augmented greatly by being surrounded by like-minded horror fanatics and an ample amount of alcohol.

Reviewed by Freakart Productions 3 / 10 / 10

The good kind of weird

The first part of the movie is pretty neat and weird. With it's own dark atmosphere which is great and entertaining, stands out in the crowd. But it goes south really fast. In the half way through the movie and the fun and eerie part becomes collage-grade-bad-special-effects slasher flick in the dorms. What a loss. I don't understand where's the need to do the same thing that everyone in the horror film industry has already done before. If you don't have the budget stick to the story. If you have no story entertain with good effects. They had such a good beginning with pure weirdness that temps you to take a shower after watching this - and that is rare find these days.

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