Condorito: The Movie


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Karen Strassman as Casval Rem Deiku
Omar Chaparro as Zequi
Richard Epcar as Inspector Koichi Zenigata
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by durtalique 6 / 10 / 10

Classic latinamerican humour

This movie is based on the classic comic book series "Condorito". It features all of the main characters of this series originally published in Chile. I grew up reading Condorito and it's character and humour proved to be complicated to translate to cinematographic language. Rarely do we see Condorito involved in large story lines as it's a character (and a universe) that works better when its self-contained to gags. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable, familiar comedy... at least for latinamericans. Maybe someone outside the specific demographic will struggle to get any of the jokes as they are, most probably, lost in translation. It's worth the ticket price and it's worth its run-time.

Reviewed by gabrielcuevo 4 / 10 / 10

Terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible

If I go to see a movie with the title of Condorito, I hope to see Condorito in all his essence that have defined always him in the cartoons through time. In the movie the unique thing that has relation with Condorito is the name and his friends, but absolutely any more. The history could have been called Pepito Perez and there would not be any difference. Personally I feel deceived when I saw the movie and see that the developed argument does not have absolutely to do with the personage. I do not recommend it at all. If you still want to see it, have an open mind that the plot is developed with the personages of the cartoon but history could have developed for anybody.

Reviewed by Snootz 4 / 10 / 10

Children may like it

While this film had a promising "schlock" beginning that had me in hopes, that soon gave way to lame. By 20 minutes I was bored at the poorly-written script. By 30 minutes I was questioning the sanity of the writers and director. I managed to get through the entire movie, to realize it hadn't brought a single laugh out of me. That's a pretty sad statement for something supposedly a comedy. This is pure Saturday morning child-food, and even children would likely be bored. Evidently based on a popular (and funny) comic strip (some strips were shown during the credits and for me were the high-point of the film), this flick evinces none of the ingenuity and humor of the comic. The characters are cliche and droll, the story line predictable, the only up-side the cuteness of the animated well-endowed "babes"-- which reliance doesn't give much credit to a child's film. Disappointing. It may keep a 5-year old entertained... or not.

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