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Reviewed by tohu 7 / 10 / 10

An enjoyable film, refreshingly free of cynicism

Three young couples vie to win a magazine contest by holding their 'themed' weddings in public, with the winners being awarded a first prize of a brand new home. Step forward the three couples: nudists Michael and Joanna; tennis-mad Josef and Meredith, and Hollywood musical fans Matt and Samantha. The fun comes for us as as viewers as we join the fly-on the wall documentary team that follows all three couples as the wedding organisers and their respective families try to get the weddings together in time for the contest. This is a showcase of modern British comedy talent. Jimmy Carr, Felicity Montagu, Stephen Mangan, Martin Freeman, Jessica Stevenson and Alison Steadman all do their bit. But the real stars are the lesser known Vincent Franklin and Jason Watkins as the camp wedding organisers who won't let anything get in the way of the couples' dream day. This is an enjoyable little film, with a nice basic idea, littered with lots of good performances. It is 'smile' humour, rather than 'laugh out loud' stuff. But the smiles are here a-plenty. It is also surprisingly moving at times as well, and refreshingly free of cynicism. If at times you doubt the sincerity of some of those involved, the ending leaves you on a high. 'Confetti' is not brilliant or ground-breaking, but it will make you smile. And that's not such a bad recommendation, is it?

Reviewed by flash-139 8 / 10 / 10


A highly entertaining and original comedy using the cream of British comedy acting talent, who spent weeks improvising before arriving at the final script. At times the writer/director Debbie Isitt doesn't seem sure whether to make her characters comic or endearing, but usually succeeds in doing both. The 'Tennis Match' wedding is very funny, while the cast of non-dancers failing to achieve perfect symmetry in the Busby Berkeley sequence adds to the general hilarity. Martin Freeman gets better with each role, Alison Steadman turns in her usual immaculate performance, with Jimmy Carr making the most of his first big screen role. Look out for the spectacularly camp wedding planners, who nearly steal the show from bigger names. If you liked 'The Office' and 'Shaun of the Dead' you'll love this.

Reviewed by jayhouserock 8 / 10 / 10

If it matches your sense of humour, you will love it

I personally found the film hilarious, it was cringe worthy, but in a good way. Well acted and very funny. The highlights of the film are The mother and sister of Jessica Stevenson's character and The Wedding Planners. The funniest scenes contain interaction between these four. i'd say its not going to be to everyone's taste, thats a given. I seemed to find it funnier than most of the people I was in the cinema with, i think its one of those cult things. Some people think Freddie got fingered is the funniest film they have ever seen, others think its stupid. its not as good as Spinal Tap, but i saw American Dreamz the other week and its a million times funnier than that. I think as with any comedy its a sense of humour thing, this would appeal more to fans of Shaun of the Dead than Four Weddings, but my honest opinion is that this film was the funniest thing i have seen since the 40 year old Virgin.

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