Connors' War

Action / Adventure / Science Fiction / Thriller

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September 11, 2020



Blu Mankuma as Mick
Elias Toufexis as Captain
Nia Peeples as Kiani
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10 / 10

OK action thriller

Treach gives a more reserved performance than you'd expect from a rapper as a former agent who lost his eyesight due to misguided SWAT involvement in his latest mission, and after three years is approached by his mentor who promises to help him regain his eyesight in exchange for one more risky job. But neither the eye operation nor the job go as planned. Nia Peeples gives an enjoyable performance as the optometrist who gets involved in the action and begins to like it....and you won't believe she was 45 when she made this, she puts many women 10 years younger than her to shame. Plus, the image of her with a gun is painting-on-the-wall worthy. The two most interesting things about "Connor's War" are the gimmicks the director uses to depict Connor's "night vision" as it goes in and out, and the morally vague world the screenwriter creates, where the characters played by Garwin Sanford and Blu Mankuma may be at war with each other, but they show a similar disrespect for human life. Yes, there isn't really much that's new in this film, but it's done well enough and I don't regret watching it. (**1/2)

Reviewed by dromasca 5 / 10 / 10

very standard action movie

There is nothing special in this film that would make me believe that I will remember it by next month. It's a very standard action movie, with a special agent losing his eye-sight while trying to rescue the First Lady and being brought back into action three years later by means of a special medicine that can give him back the eye-sight (and better) for a few hours. The apparent mission he is given proves to be a scam, and he falls between the cracks of internal disputes among government agencies and their spies. There is nothing special in the story and there is hardly enough material for a typical 50 minutes TV series, so that even the 80 something minutes of screening seem long. True, there is nothing really bad or stupid, but the lack of imagination and originality leads to the feeling that even for a DVD rental this film offers too little.

Reviewed by wrlang 5 / 10 / 10

some action

Connor's War is about a tough black secret service agent (Criss) who is blinded by some FBI agents while protecting the first lady. His old boss gets him some night vision eyesight through a psycho optometrist and he does some work for his old boss thinking he's on the force again. Nia Peeples (it's getting hot in here) played the doctors nurse that helps Criss understand what's going on. The old boss was using Criss to blackmail the government for money or he will release a chemical bomb on the public. Criss and Peeples take care of the bad guys and take out his old boss before he can release the bomb. This is somewhere between an A and B movie but it does have some good parts.

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